Cisco router wan compression with voice packets

I want to impliment compression on the Wan link but we have voice packets that also go through that Wan link. These packets are already compressed. My question is if I enable compression will it interfere with the voice packets? If so can I do qos to allow voice packets to not get compressed if so how?
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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be okay as long as you have an ISR router on both ends.
It won't break your voice traffic but it will delay them depending on the hardware you are using.  It will simply attempt to compress the packet that is already compressed.  What router are you using on both ends? and what is the WAN link circuit speed?  Compression can bring an underpowered router to its knees so proper planning needs to be done.
thenoneAuthor Commented:
both routers are cisco routers and they are point to point 1.5
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