I need to retrieve the printer profiles for a Canon MP600 printer.

Now to expand that limited question so that it pertains to my exact problem with background information:
I was unable to boot into my operating system from my internal hard drive apparently because the drive had lost its booting sector(?s) and also couldn't access it from safe mode but was repetitively getting 2 error screens, a blue one followed by a black one.  I had a new larger internal hard drive installed with the XP operating system.  I also had placed that original inaccessible internal hard drive back into the computer and it was reassigned as the F: drive.  To my relief it has seemed that all its program and other data is now accessible from that F: drive.

 I tried to reinstall the printer using the 'Add Hardware' capability of Windows XP.  I presume it didn't have any onboard Windows drivers for the printer and asked for the installation disk.  Since I couldn't find that, I just gave the F: drive location when it asked for the informtion and that seemed to be all that was necessary to reinstall a functional printer.

Now, to get down to the problem prompting my question:
That newly installed printer, however, does not have the printer profiles that I had developed when originally using it in its original installation on that, now, 2nd hard drive. It currently has only the 2 settings that appear with a new installation - the 'Current' and the 'Default' Settings that control single page printing.  

I am using the term profiles (if I am correct) to mean the settings that I developed for the printer to be able to print a document to both sides of a page using 2 pages on each side of the page and another using 4 pages on each side.  There were about 6 more setups that I developed profiles for that I, currently, don't remember the details for.

I don't need to be instructed in the process of building those same profiles from scratch again but believe (once again, if I am correct) that it should be possible to regain whatever is necessary to recover the information for allowing the printer to use the same settings from the F: drive since all the files are, apparently, intact on that drive.

I did contact techsupport for Canon and they advised me to just copy the Canon folder (containing all the files required previously to have run the printer when it was on a C:\ drive) from its current location in the F:\Program Files folder to the C:\Program Files folder.  However, even after rebooting that still does not allow me any access to any profiles other than the current and default settings.

So, i don't know whether any of the required information is in the Registry, or on files outside of the Canon folder (where I thought there was a good chance the information was located) on that F:\ drive or whether some other alternative I haven't thought of exists.

Thank you.
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burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't use Canon myself, but they can't be too hard to find. If the current config files exist in the Canon directory, do a search on F drive for similar extensions. If you can't see the files in that directory, they may be in Documents and settings - username - application data, or Documents and settings - username - local settings - application data. If they are here you may have to take ownership of the relevant folder to see the old files. If still no joy, create a new profile on your current setup, then do a system search for files created today, ensuring that hidden and system files are visible. This should turn them up wherever they are hiding.

Take ownership of files and folders XP

Chris B
rsuess1Author Commented:
I had received an email from a moderator notiing the lack of response and it was suggested that I increase the value of the question which I have gladly done to try to  attract more attention to my question.  Possibly I didn't realize the complexity of the question.
rsuess1Author Commented:
Thanks, Chris B, these look like good directions but it will take a little time to explore that set.  Some of it I have no experience with.

As one of the things I'm unfamiliar with could you describe some information about the relationship, in any installlation, betweeen the material that is in the "directory" of the software in the 'Program Files' running the application and that in the 'Documents and Setting?'

Can it be said that a particular software is 'being run' from the 'Program File' folder or the 'Documents and Settings' folder or a combination of the two?

And are there any differences for 1) installed programs and 2) peripherals in the use of those 2 locations (Program File>Specific program name folder versus Documents and Settings folder)?

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Hi again

As I said, I don't run a Canon printer, so I don't know how it does what it does. It is fairly uncommon for a program to write to the program directory, as permission issues may ensue wih restricted accounts particularly in a domain environment, so my suspicion is that it does not. If this is the case, then it will either write to a generally accepted "universal" location, or to the registry. If you need further assistance with my suggestions above, fell free to ask. If your searches fail, the next thing will be to determine where in the registry the necessary itrems are stored. Best way to do this is to export the registry, create a new profile, export the registry once more and then compare the two databases. We can pursue this later if necessary. In the meantime, f anyone knows how Canon printers do their thing, please jump in.

Chris B

Chris B
rsuess1Author Commented:

Please excuse the repetition but Im also talking to myself here for later rereading and understanding
For my learning mode, at this point in time, I don't believe that it is necessary to specifically tailor the advice to someone knowledgeable about the Canon printer but the recommendations that you are offering is what I had in mind to get me the "generic" knowledge I need because, I am sure that I could reconstruct, at least, the two specific profiles  that I was looking for -consisting of settings for the print quality, 2 or 4 pages to a side, whether printing on both sides of a page or not, etc.

I am able to get the printer to behave to print out in just the manner I want by making the individual settings for each print job I assign, and what my original question was after was how to restore those setttings (that is the term used by the printer interface) from wherever they might be, rather than reconstruct them from scratch each time I wanted to print a specific document (those settings known collectively in Canon as a profile and your term is configuration) - that is if they are present somewhere in the mess on the computer that is my ignorance.  

So, I appreciate the information you are conveying since it seems to me that that will carry  over into the "reconstruction" of other programs' capabilities and not just those printer capabilities.  I have a large number of other programs present on the F:\ drive that I realize I can just reinstall onto the new hard drive and operating system since I also retain all the installation files for those programs on the F:\ drive along with their registration numbers but those programs would also have the same problem with the manner in which I was using them which would also have to be rebuilt from scratch unless I could also find, from somewhere, the particular configurations that went with my usage of each program.

I realize that this is a long-winded way to tell you I appreciate what you are telling me.  I hope to be able to generalize the information I gain from this particular question regarding the printer and its profiles to the handling of these other programs.  That may be an incorrect conclusion but I hope not.

For now, to understand what you have suggested, I would appreciate answers to the 3 questions I asked above in my 4:35 AM entry with the addition of a 4th one which is:  Are there other universal locations, than the 'Program File>Program name folder' and the 'Documents and Settings folder, or are those two the only "universal" locations; that is, other than the Registry?

Again, thank you.

wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no "generic " way of handling printer profiles, some printer drivers have the capability to save presets, some don't, most save them in a special folder .
It sounds like you have the windows Minidriver installed, which cannot do this,

Either download the correct driver from the canon website and install that, or you can use "virtual printers"

To do the latter, install the printer with a different name e.g. "duplex" and set  and apply the duplex settings in the print driver printing preferences in the printers folder

after this, you can just select the "duplex" printer from word, etc, and it will have the settings you want preset.
rsuess1Author Commented:
wyliecoyoteuk, sorry for the delay.

What I meant by "generic" was whether there was way of handling printer profiles (and the other non-printer software I used) by actually learning where the profiles and configuration data could be found on my complete (as far as I know) data on my old reinstalled hard drive (it's now my 2nd drive) to offer a short-cut to regaining the information lost when a reinstallation of a printer or other program was necessary.

If I haven't misunderstood you I don't know how installing a correct driver would restore the old configuration information.  The printer was newly reinstalled and, as far as I know, already has the correct driver.

Could you clarify how the suggestion of developing "virtual printers" would help the problem that I have - what I am trying to do is not redevelop the profiles from scratch but trying to recover them from the hard drive that holds "all" (as far as I know) my previous data.
Actually, it would probably be quicker and easier just to reproduce them, if canon help can't tell you how to recover them, as there are only 2 of them according to your post above.

Your later post seemed to say that you needed to apply these settings each time you printed- the virtual printer solution would obviate that.

By and large, when a windows installation has collapsed in the way that you describe, there is no simple way of reconstructing it, sorry.
rsuess1Author Commented:
Sorry, I don't mean to belabor the point but this thread has been teaching me something about the process of trying to restore configurations, not just for my printer but, potentially, for many other programs as well.  I know they don't all configure the same way and with the same configure storage files but it seems to me that there are probably principles I can apply to a large number of different programs (as burrcm had begun to do above) that would allow me to recover at least some of their configuration files.  

  I don't doubt that in the case of my individual printer it would be easier to rebuild its profiles from scratch, and I can do so, in its current reinstallation.  However, when it comes to reconfiguring a large number of newly installed programs (which is my concern because I have a newly installed operating system), getting each one to behave in the manner that it took several years to train them to (that is configure), it seems to me that, if it is possible, it might be easier to try to learn methods that could recover configuration files.  

Good luck, the problem is that each application stores settings in different ways and different places, in the registry, in a text file, or in a database.

You may be able to recover some settings by copying your documents and settings folders.
rsuess1Author Commented:
A moderator has suggested that I try, again,  to have my questions answered so I'll repost them in a modified form that I believe may be clearer:

It seemed to me that the above described techniques might apply equally well to lost configuration information for other programs as well to the specific printer configuration so:

Question 1.
Can it be said that a particular software is 'being run' from the 'Program File' folder or run from the 'Documents and Settings>username>local settings>Application data' folder or a combination of the two or is that determined by where the "program-name.exe" file is located?

Question 2.
As one of the things I'm unfamiliar with, could you describe some information about the type of configuration material that might be located in the "directory" of the software in the 'Program Files' folder and the type that is located in the 'Documents and Settings>username>local settings>Application data' folder?

Question 3.
What other "universal" locations for configuration data than the 'Program File>Program-name' folder and the 'Documents and Settings>username>local settings>Application data' folde, might there be other than the Registry?

Question 4.
Are there any differences for the locations of the configuration information for 1) installed programs and for the locations of the configuration information for 2) installed peripherals?

and, to clarify some terminology used can you explain what is meant by this quote:
"It is fairly uncommon for a program to write to the program directory, as permission issues may ensue wih restricted accounts particularly in a domain environment, so my suspicion is that it does not. If this is the case, then it will either write to a generally accepted "universal" location, or to the registry."

5.  Can you clarify what is meant by 'restricted accounts' in this regard  

6.  Can you clarify what is meant by a 'domain environment?'

Thank you.
Go to the canon website, look for the printer driver there, download and install it.
rsuess1Author Commented:
As I understand it, this ia a matter of configuration recovery, not a defective driver.  I had just installed the printer again in the new operating system so the drivers should be intact and the printer does function well and would allow me to redevelop the printer profiles from scratch.  It just doesn't have its printer settings known as profiles which I had developed on the previous installation of the printer in the previous installation of the operating system (XP) and that was why I was looking for some way, if possible, to recover them since I had an intact hard drive holding all the information I had lost when I couldn't boot to it..  

But now, I've expanded my sights beyond just the printer configuration recovery to try to learn how to recover confgurations for other programs as well.  That is why I asked the questions listed above for which I would still appreciate answers..
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