send on behalf for a distribution list exchange 2003

Hi, How can i add the send on behalf permission for a user members of exchange 2003  distribution list ?
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mfhorizonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to Exchange Serer's Active Directory, choose the user
right click on user, and take properties
Select Exchange General tab
click Delivery Options button
add the user in "Grant this permission to" under Send on behalf pane

pozlu0Author Commented:
I have to give the Send on behalf permission to a distribution list and I can't find the way to do that
tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You cannot grant the 'Send on behalf' right on any distribution group. Send on behalf privileges can only be granted on a mailbox, not a group.

You would either need to create a mailbox with the appropriate email address, then grant the send on behalf privilege, or use Send As permissions.

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pozlu0Author Commented:
I can acccomlish the goal giving the sand as permission in the security tab of the distribution list properties?

By granting Send As privileges to a particular user, that user will be able to Send as if they were that group.

This isn't quite the same as Send on behalf, but will probably be sufficient for what you are attempting to accomplish.

Then tigermatt is correct, the way it should be handled.
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