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pptx and ppt files won't open from hyperlinks uploaded on website

I have uploaded links to powerpoint presentations on a website: http://brudergentile.com/conference.htm Some links are to pptx files and others are to ppt files. 2 problems:

1. The links won't allow me to open the files in the IE browser but require me to save them. I want them to open from the link without making the viewer save them.  If you look at "Presentations" here:  http://www.brudergentile.com/resumes/blackburn/blackburn.htm ppt files open in the browser.  I have already tried to fix this by editing the folder and file options in "my Computer/tools/folders)" to open in browser. This is set for the ppt files but the option was greyed out for the pptx files. This didn't change the behavior of the links on the conference.htm page. I am using IE 7 as a browser. I am using Dreamweaver for web development/authoring.

2. The ppt and pptx actually won't open at all, even after saving them.  I get the message that "PowerPoint can't read the outline from ..........No text converter is installed for this file type."

I have saved the pptx and ppt files to my hard drive from their original source.  When I open them directly from the hard drive, they open perfectly. No problem.  After I upload them as hyperlinks using CuteFTP, the links won't open when saved to to hard drive and I get the above-stated message.

I have uploaded the latest MicroSoft Office updates. This seems to allow the files to open directly from the hard drive, but not downloaded from the web server.

The web server is pair.com.  I have uploaded custom mime to this website to address the ppt and pptx files:

application/vnd.ms-powerpoint pptx
application/vnd.ms-excel xlsx

In short, the uploaded ppt and pptx files behave as if they have been corrupted. I have never had this problem before when uploading ppt files and links to this site.  I've read support on CuteFTP, Pair, MicroSoft, etc. and can't figure it out. I would appreciate help with this problem.  Thank you.
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Well, then maybe they ARE corrupted somewhere along the way.  The surefire way of checking would be comparing the MD5 checksum on the original files and the uploaded files (then downloaded and saved).  If the checksum are different, then the uploaded ones are corrupt.  "The no text converter installed" message happens a lot with corrupted files.

I'm not familiar with CuteFTP, but did you check the settings on transfer?  I hope it didn't upload them as ASCII files.  Should be binary type always.
Make sure when the files are uploaded they are uploaded as binary files not ascii.  There should be an option on CuteFTP somewhere to set this.  I use Filezilla, and it is very good at figuring out what to send binary and what to send ascii.
Are you having problems with all links or just some links on http://brudergentile.com/conference.htm?  Just tried two of them and they seem to be OK (Homer and Halpern).

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Biker5Author Commented:
I compared the MD5 Checksum on one of the files (original/downloaded and saved). They were identical.

Thanks for trying to help. I check and reloaded the files as binary, although they had originally been transferred as binary.

techhealth's comment is interesting. 2 files are ppt files and I have no problems with them: Blackburn and Sveinung Støhle. These 2 ppt files not only execute properly but they also don't require me to save them. They open in the browser window just like I want all the files to behave.

To further the solution, I changed all the files names to .pptx, rather than .PPTX, so that case wouldn't be an issue. Nothing changed. Didn't help.

Here's the new info that I figured out. When I clicked on the hyperlink for the .pptx file, it asked me if I wanted to open it or save it. I chose "open." The browser then ignored the "open" command and asked me if I wanted to save the file. If I just chose "save," the next window appeared, the "save as" window. The file name and type were filled in, NOT as pptx but as ppt - PowerPoint Presentation. If I just saved it as written, when I tried to open the file, now as a ppt file, from my hard drive, I got the message: "PowerPoint can't read the outline from ..........No text converter is installed for this file type."  However, if in the "save as" box I changed the file name back to pptx and saved it as "all files" instead of as "PowerPoint presentation," I could open it from my hard drive perfectly.

So, why is this happening to me????!!!!

Looks like a browser issue.  If you change a PPTX's extension to PPT, PowerPoint wouldn't be able to open it - PowerPoint doesn't try to detect what the file truly is; it just takes the extension name at its face value.  If that's wrong, it would just throw up hands. Are you using PowerPoint 2003 or 2007?  2003 definitely is like that, but 2007 could be smarter.

I just tried my IE 7 on the site, and it does exactly the same thing with "Save as..." - it changed the extension name.  I think that's because you got the MIME types wrong, so the browser gets confused (btw, Firefox doesn't seem to stumble on this one).  For PPTX it should be

For the full list of MIME types for Open XML formats, go to
Try saving them as PPSX or PPS files instead.

See also: http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00189.htm
Biker5Author Commented:
Bingo! techhealth solved it! Thank you. Apparently, I did have the MIME wrong for pptx.  I fixed it and it all worked fine. You have been extremely helpful.
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