WSUS registry question

I am looking to have WSUS push updates to users, and have them get notified that updates are available. I need them to be able to install the updates on their own, when they are ready, without admin rights. What registry settings do I need?
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mystics7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
but if you would like to use the registry here are all the settings
you are better off controlling the updates through group policies you can read here on how to set them up and how to point your computers to the WSUS
Not possible, sorry.
Only (local) administrators are notified and can decide whether or not WSUS hotfixes should be installed.
If an administrator isn't logging on to the machines on a regular basis to approve the installation, your only option is "Download and install automatically".
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nalanbarAuthor Commented:
We don't use active directory in this environment.
nalanbarAuthor Commented:
That should help quite a bit. I started to read it, and balked, but the bottom portion is good.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Hopefully that will get you what you need :-)
nalanbarAuthor Commented:
Thanks. You got me most of the way, and I figured out the rest on my own. The big thing is the elevatenonadmins, and the rebootrelaunchtimeout
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