RWW and sbspackage.exe problems since SBS sp1 re-install

I ran the SBS Best Practice Analyzer tool and it recommended that I re-install sp1 for SBS2003.

After I rebooted and immediately noticed that companyweb was not working.

I did several searches and found some information here that led me to uninstall and reinstall sharepoint and restore the databases.

I was able to get companyweb back up but I have since noticed that no one can connect to their desktop from RWW and cannot download the connection manager (sbspackage.exe) from the remote website.

If you try to connect to the desktop, it gives the standard "make sure desktop is connected to the sbs network... etc..." and when you try to download the connection manager it takes to a web page cannot be displayed.  If you right click the link and save as, it says the server returned an invalid or unrecognized response.

Everything was working before I reapplied the service pack.
This is SBS2003 standard.

OWA works.  I can still navigate to the RWW, I just can't connect to any servers or desktops.

Incidentally, I re-ran the SBSBPa again and it said I needed to change the versions to 1.1.4322.  When I did this, the websites were unreachable again.  I have them set to 2.0.5072 now.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can provide more detail if needed.
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skri11aConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
so any other thoughts or suggestions?  I cant even create a remote setup disk since this machine doesnt have a floppy drive.

I suppose I could just copy sbspackage to a flash drive but I'd still like to solve the problem.

skri11aAuthor Commented:
Ok... Update....

Apparently, we can connect to pc's from the RWW.  However, I still can't download the sbspackage.
The file does not appear to be corrupt since I can launch from the SBS server directly.

Sorry for the confusion.
Rerun the CEICW and see if that helps.
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skri11aAuthor Commented:
I have rerun the CEICW and the Remote access wizard several times.
They both complete successfully.

There is a possiblility that there are 2 files with bad dates of 1979: advpack.dll and cmstp.exe thjat are in the sbspackage.exe

The oem load has these in windows\system32 and in windows\system32\dllcache.

You must extract these 2 files from i386 of the original media cd.(search extract cab files if you do not know how)
Get them extracted and named as above.They extract as advpack.dl_ and cmstp.ex_ Rename to advpack.dll and cmstp.exe
I recommend you extract to a temp folder for now so you can copy as needed later in these instructions.

Re-boot server into safe mode
Rename existing 2 files in each of the locations above to example: advpack (no extension) and cmstp (no extension)

Copy the extracted files to the 2 above listed locations.

Search for sbspackage.exe on server. You will find 2 instances that need to be deleted.
Delete these and re-boot serv into normal mode.

Go check the file dates on the 2 files in both locations. Right-click and select props.
Dates should not have a 1979 entry now.

I had to do this all twice, once for each file as it did not work for both at same time.

When dates are good, re-run step 3 on wizard "configure remote access". This re-creates the sbspakage.exe.

skri11aAuthor Commented:
When I check the dates of these two files, they do not have a date of 1979.

advpack.dll is listed as "Created(and modified) 12-30-08"
cmstp.exe is listed as "Created 4-1-05" and "Modified 2-17-07"

I assume these are the correct versions currently?
How many copies of the sbspackage do you show?
skri11aAuthor Commented:
I'm showing 2 copies.

One in ClientApps\Connection Manager and one in Inetpub\Remote.

ClientApps showing a created date of 9-10-08 and since i deleted the Inetpub version yesterday and reran the Remote Setup Wizard it's showing a created date of yesterday.

Rename the one that has the date of 9-10-08 and copy the latest over and test.
skri11aAuthor Commented:
I renamed both copies and reran the Remote setup wizard again.
It created two new files but I still have the same problem.

I should tell you that the remote pc is a Vista Ultimate machine.  It is physically connected to the local network but not joined to the domain.

The reults are the same wether I connect to RWW by https://servername/Remote or https://fqdn/Remote.

The PC has to be on a memebr of the domain if my memory serves me correct. that is what is mean when it says make sure the pc is connected to the SBS network.
skri11aAuthor Commented:
This machine has always been a home machine and not part of the domain.  I had to rebuild it due to a failed hard drive.

Just to be sure, I just checked with an XP laptop that is part of the domain and it still won't download the connection manager.

I'm certain this all has to do with changes that reapplying sp1 made. I knew I shouldn't trust the best practice analyzer.  Best practice should be not to fix things that aren't broke in the first place.

i agree with you there!!
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