LAN VS WAN on same Switch

I have a new situation where the phone guys need to start using the LAN wiring to support their phone system and VOIP.
We have a dual nic SBS2003R2 STD.  Lan is and WAN is

Question is does firewall security get defeated is both ip segments are running around on the same switch.

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asavenerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, I would not choose to run it that way.
Depends on how you have the switch configured.

Typically, voice traffic is segmented onto a separate VLAN.
BBraytonAuthor Commented:
These are SMB type switches.  16 port non management 10/100/1000 Linksys.

My concern is having the non firewalled 10.x leg intermixed with the 192. leg.

Should I be concerned?
BBraytonAuthor Commented:
a bit vague.  

The real issue is would it open the network up to outside attack as the 10. leg is internet facing and the 192. leg is internal behind the firewall.

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