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I was asked to create a website for a beef jerky company and i can build the website but they want e-commerce functionality to sell there beef jerky online. How do i set something like this up where i and the company are not responsible for credit card processing?

Thanks in advance!
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Using an e-commerce solution based solely on the fact that has PayPal already integrated is indeed a backwards solution.  Sorry, the moderator cant delete that fact.  Its like telling someone to buy a computer that you can load your own programs on.  That may be an oversimplification, but its true.

Your solution was about as good as using Google.  Thats fine; I didnt attack you, just added to the solution.   Please, know that ...well, its a surface answer and I wanted to be more in depth for future application and growth.  Since you complained about my post and it was deleted no one will see that I was just giving good advice to think deeper.  

Yes, I do know about Magento, but its $9,000 dollars annually to use it full function.  People like it because it offers a stripped down base version for free.  But there are allot of "free" versions out there, hosting for free, ect.  So...is that fact that it integrates PayPal the reason you recommend he choose this platform that when a) will require custom programming (free version is for skilled developers who  know how to do it themselves) or b) will cost his client $9,000 annually and he can tell his client "hey, but it has PayPal already integrated!"

When starting a e-business like he is, as a person who is supposed to be a consultant, he is supposed to be the expert.  If I was consulting a client who was giving the information you gave for him to give...I would have laughed and would have earned the deal with better advice.

PayPal is so site friendly it can be added to almost any shopping cart, and if not, there are widgets to just drop in to any site that allow it to be an option and works the same.  The platform could be Magento, but he needs to tell the client why.

This question is very broad if you know the options out there, and big picture as it is a complete site concept he is designing around branding of a product.  He needs to consider concept of how to sell too.  Lots of choices.  The fact is, when choosing a platform and designing a site from the ground up, one must ask more questions, have a plan for future growth, and basically choose the foundation that will support those plans.  That way, his client doesnt regret anything 2 years from now when his product outgrowths the site or platform for selling....the right answer is that he needs to talk to someone.  ideas, planning, and designing how a brand will be sold from scratch is NOT a simple answer nor could it be fleshed out in a simple post.  

I think that a lot of people dont realize that some people actually get paid to be experts, so sometimes the answers are simple because the question is posed simply.  Thats fine, I dont want the points.  I just know he should have spoke to those professionals.  He will make a much happier client when he takes the time to do more in depth collaboration.


Hope   asp_net2 at least checks out these "solutions" because they will both consult and help, not just a quick "it uses PayPal" fix.

Jason (yes, that's my  name)
You can use a shopping acrt application as pert of your site. Depending on what you want to achieve with the online store, there are a number of shopping cart available. You skill levels may also denote which option you go for.

I use www.magentoecommerce.com

With regards the credit card payment. Easiest solutions is to use Paypal. Get your client to open a Paypal business account and look for a shopping cart that has an integration with Paypal.

Thats your quickest route to market IMHO.

Hope it help

and getting people to call you Sam and telling them Jason would help you for free helps the online community does it?

Paypal .. why is it backward decision making and what does that even mean?

Do you know anything about Magento... the possible solutions I suggested?

funny...im not listing my site, im giving sites that directly answer the quetion: what do you recomend....and you keep deleting it.  Why are not deleting the first post?

This is ridiculous, IMHO.  Should I recommend only products i know knowing about like the first poster? That is not very "experienced" advice?

M not being funny or angry, I am totally confused at why you edit the "exchange" of what I am experienced in.  It complete defeats the ability to answer this persons question.  "Hey, sir, I think here is what I have good experience with, have been given good advise...buuuut, I cant tell you."

The fact that the asker doesnt know that credit card processing is handled by certified money handlers, then the next "expert" thinks that it a key determinant...Im just trying to get to the depth of the question: e-commerce and credit processing is a part of what needs to be designed.  Components make up the whole.  Good solutions deal with all the components.  Credit processing is, or at least who does it, is very minor in the scope of the design.  A good site desing, a good consultant will understand that desgin it right, choose the platform that suits your needs, and you plug in any credit processor -- but his question was how to make sure they have NO responsibility.  You have to let me answer his qustion, and he has to be able to get my recomendation on companies who know how to design a site around that concept.

 I linked to quality solutions to get his answer.  People who know.  At some point you have to allow either all or none of the recommendations.  Not saying mine is the best, but how do you think people get expertise with a solution?  They have used it.

Again, not logical, and seems like your on a vendetta.  Let the one who asked the question get his advice from everyone, not just the sites you like.  Again, look at the first post.  He recommended a product.  I followed suite and after you deleted my first recommendation added a different one...and you deleted that one.  Your making it look like the first response is correct, let me tell you its not.  If he did what the first poster said, the owner of the site would have full responsibility.  But whatever, you guys recommend generic answers to keep traffic here...but reality is, you don't sell design services and I don't understand how you the solution happen within the bounds of EE?

Just illogical.  At this point I realize that though we pay to have the freedom to exchange information, your site is tyrannical about sharing the fact the end solution is not always exchanging code to do it yourself.  Sometimes ....wow....people may buy solutions outside of EE.  GASP!

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