Outlook 2007 Autodiscover security alert with Exchange 2003??? HELP!

We recently upgraded to Office 2007 across the company.  Everything is working fine except that users get these Security Alerts for autodiscover.domain.com OCCASIONALLY when opening outlook and 100% of the time when creating a new mail profile.

We are running exchange 2003 and are not using autodiscover.  How do I fix this.

I assume Outlook 2007 is by default looking at domain.com and tacking on autodiscover.  This doesn't work however as we have a wildcard for domain.com as it is our web site.

Should I just create a forward looking zone for domain.com and add an A record for autodiscover pointing to our single exchange 2003 server?

What is the proper way to resolve these problems running in an outlook 2007/exchange 2003 environment?
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is the wildcard on your domain.
That means that autodiscover.example.com resolves and Outlook then starts the autodiscovery process.

So far the best compromise is to create a DNS record in your public DNS for autodiscover and set it to Basically stops the name from resolving. To the best of my knowledge the autodiscover process cannot be disabled in Outlook, and Outlook 2007 has no way of knowing what version of Exchange is involved so will attempt to check the settings are correct at frequent intervals.

NBFAuthor Commented:
Scratch that.  Creating a forward looking zone internally won't work as we already use that domain externally for our web sites.

Any other solutions to this?
Can we get a screen shot?
NBFAuthor Commented:
It is the standard Security alert for autodiscover feature of outlook 2007.  The specific error is that there is a name mismatch.  Our public domain name has a wildcard so outlook is looking at autodiscover.domain.com which is an external IP for a our website.  That is obviously not valid.

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