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Cannot cannot to another pc remotely using realvnc by computer name.

Ive installed realvnc and had to open ports 5800-5900 using xp pro's firewall to allow another lan pc connect to it..I can connect to it using the ip address...ie but i was wondering if i can connect using the computer name...If i enter in the computer name (same workgroup name)  i get a connection error. Only works by ip...Can i use the computer name? is that not the hostname and maybe im using the wrong syntax. Any help be great . thx
Not a database question.
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3 Solutions
Thomas WheelerCommented:
can you ping the netbios name?

Thomas WheelerCommented:
you should be able to ping pc001 if that was the name of the computer and it should ping If not check that you have netbios over tcp/ip enabled. also from the other computer do a net view and see if you can see the other computer you are attempting to connect to.

Your PC may have name, as Computer.Domain.Local.
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Thomas WheelerCommented:
I belive he is not on a domain
if you are not on a domain then it would be wise to stick to ip address rather than going for computer name
Thomas WheelerCommented:
well if you have netbios working names will be fine
lucbruneauAuthor Commented:
Im not on a domain as its all workgroup...i notice my tcp settings that i dont have netbios over tcpip checked...Can enabling this pose any security risks? I made a list of all the computer names and knowing this makes it easier to know who's pc is which... If this doesnt work can local ip's be broadcasted from their computers using a type of program whereby i could somehow get a list of the netbios name and ip address? Otherwise i guess i could hardcode ip addresses and add those to the list for users pc's
I would suggest saving the various VNC sessions individually.  Save a specific IP configuration as Computer 1.  Then another as Computer 2.  I'm not sure how to do this, but I know many people who do this with Remote Desktop, and they are very pleased with the results.

One thing to consider would be setting up static IP addresses.  That way you're not going to be barking up the wrong tree.
Thomas WheelerCommented:
enabling it is fine. you should be behind a hardware firewall.
As far I can remember it's a problem related to RealVNC. Try UltraVNC, or some other distribution of VNC
bikram_singhSystem AdministratorCommented:

You can not ping with computer names because you do not have a DNS server setup

DNS server resolves computer names with their IP addresses

you have 2 options

1) Install DNS server and configure it.
2) Edit Host file

1st option will be little tedious for you but second one is easy if you have small number of computers say 15 to 20.

Host file is a file which the OS reads when DNS server is not avaliable to map computer names with IP addresses.

to edit host file follow the following procedure...

go to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

you will see a file named hosts  double click it and open with dialog box will pop up select notepad

the last line you will see will be like this       localhost

No add the details of all the computers land their IP addresses

like if you have computer names as comp1 , comp2,  comp3 etc with ip addresses,, respectively

 then Host file will look like this             localhost192.168.0.10      comp1192.168.0.12      comp2192.168.0.35      comp3

make sure that all the computer names match their IP's else you will not be able to connect
save the host file and now connect the computer with vnc by using the computer names

hope this solves your issue

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