How to configure a FastEthernet interface to be a DHCP client on Cisco Router 2620 with IOS 12.1?

I'm trying to connect a Cisco Router 2620 with IOS version 12.1 to a Motorola surfboard cable modem that serves DHCP from my ISP, the problem is that the only we I know for configuring the FastEthernet interface to obtain its configuration from a DHCP server is using the command:

Router#(config-if)ip address dhcp

but this command does not seem to be available on my IOS version and upgrading to 12.2 or later is not really possible at this time.

Does anyone know a different way of configuring an interface as a DHCP client ?
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
Nope. If the IOS version doesn't support it, the only work around is the upgrade the IOS version.
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