Cisco 851W WIreless issue with Broadcom wireless cards in laptops?

I have a cisco 851w wireless router for my home.  It works great, except for the fact that my hp laptops can't browse to every site on the internet connected via wireless.  It just hangs and hangs. I've tried go to the sites via IP and still same issue.  I also have an Dell laptop that is also connecting wirelessly and it can get out anywhere.

I've narrowed it down I believe to the Broadcom wireless cards in these laptops.  As anyone else ever come across this or have any clue what I can do to fix this?

If i disable the wireless on these machines and hook a cable up directly to the router it works like a charm.  If i leave the cable plugged in and reenable the wireless then the weird routing issues comes back where it can't get out to every site.  And these aren't any specific sites, just random sites I"ll find out I can't go to. like, or for example.

Thanks in advance.

i should also add that there is no encryption on the router, its wide open.
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atnextcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
this can be closed, I figured it out.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
You dont say what OS ? but as the Dell machine works correctly we have to assume the problem is on the HP machines :)

First see How to gather information to troubleshoot a wireless connectivity problem in Windows XP 
Open My Network Places (or network neighbourhood if your 9X or ME) for XP users this will be on the start menu or desktop.
Click View Network Connections, you should see your wireless network card, right click it and select properties. Select the Wireless Networks tab, and press the configure button.
In the SSID box type the SSID for the device you are trying to connect to (they are CaSe SenSiTiVe)
You should now be able to connect if not do the following, try each step one by one and test connection after each one.
1. First make sure this isnt the problem
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Patch (Q815485) Can Cause Connection Loss 
2. Click start >Run >services.msc {enter} locate the Wireless Zero Configuration Service, right click it select Stop. Right click it again select properties and change its startup type to disabled.
3. Go back to My network places and bring back the properties of the wireless network card (as described above) on the Wireless Networks Tab click Advanced > Power Management > un-tick the default tick box and move the slider all the way up.
4. If non of these has worked, then I would suggest getting out the CD that came with the Wireless card and looking for a setup utility on the CD. If you have cordless phones in the house unplug them.
atnextcAuthor Commented:
ok, one machine is windows 7, the other is a brand new xp pro install, literally the only thing on it is the wireless driver.  

Its not an OS issue, and the defaults on the wireless cards are checked, its not that.

Thanks for the suggestions though
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