How to create a CRM 3.0 Quote Report

Morning all,

Ok, for some reason, I've been given the uneviable task to implement Microsoft CRM 3.0 which I have now done.  

Everything works fine, and I think I understand everything about work flow etc.


I cannot for the life of me work out how to implement a new quote template.

ideally, we use the Report option and I've got the one from the Microsoft Sandbox site and uploaded that quite happily but it doesn't display the way I want it to, so I want to customise it

So, my questions to the world are

1) What is the industry standard method of using quotes - is it with a Word Mail Merge or a Quote report ?

2) How on earth do I go about creating a quote template ?  I've googled but can't find any good (well, any actually) tutorials on how to create a quote report.  I'm the proud owner of CRM 3.0 for Dummies (good read) but it doesn't tell you how to create a customised Quote report

I'm tearing my hair out, so max points :-)

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rakeshAgarwalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I will answer you second question so half points  :)

1. You can customised the reports using Sql reporting services.

You have to learn sql reporting services to do this.  :(

Rakesh Agarwal
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legalsrlAuthor Commented:
Cheers Rakesh

I don't suppose there's an easy way to do this  then :-( ?

Can you point me to any tutorials or suchlike ?

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legalsrlAuthor Commented:
I've had a look and it seems more than an Easter Weekend project :-(

Are there any resources where I can just buy a premade quote template ?

crm_infoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are a few items for thought:
(1) What's the standard? There really isn't one - some prefer Word merges, others prefer to do an SRS report. Displaying line items in a mail merge is a bit tricky (i.e. Quote Products), so my preference is an SRS report.
(2) CRM 4.0 has some slightly improved reporting capabilities vs. CRM 3.0 - plus a number of other improvements. You should really consider updating (esp if your software assurance is still up to date b/c the new licenses are free!). Info on 4.0 can be downloaded from this page: (you'll have to register to be able to retrieve the download). You can also learn a bit more about 4.0 here:
(3) Okay, so how do you build reports for MS CRM? Some of the other books on the market have instructions - but I originally learned by following some fairly simple instructions available in the SDK (SDK = Software Development Kit ... it's really just a set of free documentation from Microsoft that defines how to get some of the deeper customizations done with Microsoft CRM). You can download the SDK for free or access it via MSDN. Download it here:
* SDK 3.0:
* SDK 4.0:
(4) If the Quote report that you installed is close to what you want, then you CAN edit it. You just find the report in the reports section, open it (under More Actions, choose Edit) and then download it. It will save as an .RPT file and you can then open it in SQL Server/Visual Studio Business Intelligence Designer (or something like that) and make edits. It sounds a lot easier than it is in reality - but it's a helpful starting point.
Hope that gives you a helpful starting point.

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modus_operandi, EE Moderator

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Great note  

Just  a correction

 It will save as an .RDL file  not .RPT file
legalsrlAuthor Commented:
Very good answers, thank you to everyone, what a lot of things to learn so due to the timescale, I'm better off outsourcing it.  Thanks again
Well...if you're outsourcing ...
legalsrlAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link, just submitted an enquiry

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