Internet Explorer gives 404 error

I am experiencing issues with Internet Explorer 7 and windows vista. The issue happened yesterday after a power outage at my house. When I try to connect to any site, IE reports a 404 error, then my provider, Rogers, intercepts and puts it's own spin on the error. So, if I open IE and type, IE will report the 404 error and rogers shows the following error...

We did not find results for: [ ].
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For some reason, firefox does the same thing.

When I try using either IE or Firefox for my internal router, i just get the 404 message. I am actually using Safari right not to enter in this from the P.C. that is not working, so... I know there is no problem accessing the internet. I have scanned my machine with the following programs...

Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Neither program showed any issues.

The only update that I did, prior to this was an update to itunes and Bonjour. I have un-installed both of those programs from here and rebooted only to have the same issue.


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Hello swaff,

1. An addon may be interfering with IE or corrupted by power surge. Disable Addons.  Go to Tools > Add-on Manager, and uncheck the addons.

If you cannot open IE, start IE without addons.  Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No add-ons).

2. Reset IE settings.  Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.  Click on "Reset" button. Click OK. Close all browsers. Reboot the computer.

3. Check if a program running in the background is interfering with Internet Explorer. One could be corrupted by the power surge. Temporarily disable antivirus and other security programs, firewall, toolbars such as Google and Yahoo, and desktop programs such as MSN and Google.

4. Make sure you have the latest IE and Windows updates.

5. Create a new user account in Windows.

Hope this helps!

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swaffAuthor Commented:
Thanks War1 for the possible solutions...I will address them in order...
1) There were no addons in IE enabled, I had disabled them yesterday thinking the same thing. I re-check to be sure.
2) I did reset IE yesterday, but thought it prudent to follow your instructions, so, I redid that step. This did not fix the issue.
3) I looked at background running programs but found nothing that would interfere. I did stop google notifier update, but that did not change anything
4) windows is up to date. No issues there
5) AHA... the administrator account. I logged out of my session and logged into it. Low and behold, IE works from there. No issues.

Suggestions as to how I can get IE to work on "my" session would be helpful now. If you could suggest, i would be most appreciative. This is a "WORK" p.c. and the desktop support people have not called to assist. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I will only go so far, but if you could assist me in getting to the next level, that would be spectacular.


Swaff -)
You present profile is corrupt.  So you can run Admin account without problem. If you cannot create your own account, you need to wait for IT people to do it for you.
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swaffAuthor Commented:

I understand that. I can also create a new account. Running the P.C. from the Admin account is a problem, as email etc are on the other profile. The P.C. is an asset of the company, but I built the current version of Windows Vista on it. If I can fix my current profile then I would really like to do that. It would save me time rather than copy my data from my current user profile to a new one and delete the current one!

Can we fix the user profile? Or, would it be better if I just created a new one and forgot about this one?


Swaff -)
We tried fixing the current profile and have not been successful.  There could be a registry error that we do not know about.
swaffAuthor Commented:
Solution is to create windows Vista from scratch. Issues have gone too deep into the registry to solve at this time.
swaffAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify... the problem is within the registry of Windows Vista. We did try the following..

1) copied data from corrupt profile and backed up data to a new folder.
2) created new profile with same username - No, IE did the same thing.
3) created new profile from scratch hopfully using the Admin one as the Template. Issue was not solve.
4) Am now using the Administator as the main login ID.

It looks like the only solution may be to rebuild Windows Vista. This is unfortunate. If I had more time, I would like to have used system restore to see if that may have solved the issue.
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