Give one user access to two email accounts in Microsoft Outlook

A user would like to switch between two email inboxes inside of outlook, the user does not want to use the proxy access of another inbox, but would like to just switch between the two. Is this possible?
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zrobinsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In 2000, XP or Vista,

Go to Start > Control Panel (Classic View) > Mail

Add a new profile with the proper account settings, and select the toggle for outlook to "Prompt for a profile to be used"
You could set up another mail profile and outlook will prompt the user upon startup which mail profile they would like to use.

What version of windows / outlook?

Is this using an exchange server?
joeylongAuthor Commented:
Running Windows XP, with Exchange Server. This solution worked, thank you
That's right. go to the email applet in the control panels and switch: "When starting Microsoft Office Outlook, use this profile:" Click the radio button "Prompt for a profile to be used", and use the "Add..." button to create another profile.
Create two different profiles in microsoft outlook
you will get two different profiles

to switch between profiles
Go to control panel-user profiles-mail-show profiles
To be prompted to select the Outlook profile to use each time you start Outlook, click Prompt for a profile to be used
**You cannot change to another profile while Outlook is running. You have to restart Outlook to switch profiles.**

try and tell me
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