Cisco FW VPN 5510 - SSL question

Hello, this would probably be my first post after x amount of years here. I have a question. There seems to be something preventing our ssl portal from letting users log in. I have attached a screen capture of what happens when the correct credentials are inserted.

The problem is outside our network and has occured twice. The only known remedies that have come close to my issue is to reset/restart our ASA. The last time this happened I didn't get around to it and was self-remedied.

I've already tried logging into the ASDM console to see if there is a setting for updating the session management database but I don't see anything up front.

Im not to experienced in troubleshooting the cisco 5510 firewall. So i figured I'd drop a line here to see what many of you thought. The application is in a live environment. Any realistic suggestions and steps will be taking into consideration.

If there is anything else you need from me to assist in this please let me know.

Thank you in advanced.

"Unable to update the session management database"
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At the time of the error were there the MAX number of users connected?
I.e. a reboot of the device kicks all the existing sessions.

I.e. how many simultaneous VPN connection does your ASA support/licensed for?
zenki_fcAuthor Commented:
If I am no mistaken it can take up to 50 users at once. I highly doubt that all 50+ users were on at one point in time. But that's a good question. I will go ahead and reset/kick any users logged in and try again.
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zenki_fcAuthor Commented:
Hmm... we have 50 licenses so I don't think that exceeding the amount of users is the problem in this case. The issue was self resolved again the following morning (Saturday). Is there some sort of temporary/cache files that have to be cleared?

Any other ideas?
Are there any errors/notives logged dealing with why access was being denied?
What are you timeouts set to?  I.e. how long is a session state maintained?
How many individuals can establish a VPN connection?  trying to see whether the 50 was met not with 50 simulteneous access but enough that logged in. and logged out within the timeout period. I.e. similar to an ARP cache that will take some time prior to the ASA clearing a session ID.
how do you control access to the SSL VPN?  Is it based on local auth or you have external Radius auth?
zenki_fcAuthor Commented:
Hey Arnold, thanks for your input. Since it's up and running right now I won't be able to dedicate as much time to it due to other deadlines and projects that are currently in motion. I will have to work with this later this weekend and keep you posted on any findings.

Thanks for being in touch and quick on responses. Have a great day.
zenki_fcAuthor Commented:
I can't seem to find another possible culprit to this. The only item that came close to this was the limited amout of users that can be connected.

Wanted to thank you all and I apologize for the delay. It was mostly on my part trying to troubleshoot it, but it hasnt come back and no one has reported this error since.
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