Configure Linksys wireless router to a T-1 router

We have a T-1 connection coming in next week.  Once AT&T has the T-1 connection installed with their router.  I would like to plug the linksys wireless router to it and provide internet access for all the computers in the remote office.  We have a server providing DHCP.  I believe I just need to configure the Linksys wireless router as the Gateway.   Can anyone provide instructions for configuring the linksys behind the T-1 router.  (ex. Nat on/off, Static IP...etc).  
An example of LAN Information provided by AT&T
IP Address: 
LAN/Ethernet/Gateway IP Address: 
Broad Cast IP Address: 
Subnet Mask:

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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Assign the following Static IP on the WAN interface of the Linksys.
IP -
Mask -
Default Gateway -

Use the default LAN IP or change it to a different private IP subnet.

Turn off DHCP and leave NAT on.
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