Change textarea text from native window

Posted on 2009-04-10
Last Modified: 2013-11-11
I have again problem with native windows.

What i want to do is to open FIRST native window and then from that window open SECOND window. In that Second window i have function which should change text in FIRST windows text area but I always get error when i try that.

So my question is:  How to access controls in one nativ window from another window

I know how to access controls and objects in main window::
Application.application.my_Control.text = "test".  

Question by:Didica

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Ok, i will try to simplify my question with this, and hope that someone will help me:

MAIN WINDOW -----opens-----> Window 1 ------opens -----> Window2


Window2 ----sends value of text box ----> Window 1

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Is this what you are after? Its a bit rough, but hopefully points you in the right direction.

Regards FL
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" width="600" height="600">



        import mx.controls.TextInput;

        import mx.controls.Button;

        import mx.controls.TextArea;

        import mx.containers.TitleWindow;

        import flash.utils.getQualifiedClassName;

        //need button to open new TitleWindow


        // function to open first Window

        public function openWin1():void



            // set up TitleWindow 1 (newWin)

            var newWin1:TitleWindow = new TitleWindow;

            newWin1.title = "Window 1";

   = "newWin1"; // set name to find it later

            newWin1.width = 300;

            newWin1.height = 300;

            newWin1.x = 100;

            newWin1.y = 100;


            // set up TextArea

            var newTextArea:TextArea = new TextArea;

   = "newTextArea"; //set name to find it later

            newTextArea.width = 100;

            newTextArea.height = 100;

            newTextArea.x = 0;

            newTextArea.y = 50;


            // set up Button

            var newButton:Button = new Button;

            newButton.label = "Open Window 2"

            // add event listener to this button

            newButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, openWin2);


            // add controls to TitleWindow 1 (newWin)




            //add this window to main Application Window





        // function to open another window

        private function openWin2(me:MouseEvent):void



            // check if window opened already

            if ( this.getChildByName("newWin2") == null )


            // set up TitleWindow 2 (newWin)

            var newWin2:TitleWindow = new TitleWindow;

            newWin2.title = "Window 2";

   = "newWin2";

            newWin2.width = 300;

            newWin2.height = 300;


            newWin2.x = 300;

            newWin2.y = 200;


            // set up input box

            var input:TextInput = new TextInput;

            input.width = 100;

            input.height = 25;

            //add even listener for input box

            input.addEventListener(TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT, textChanged);


            // add input box to this window



            //add this window to main Application Window






        // function to close windows

        private function closeWins():void



            // loop children and close if of type TitleWindow

            var tw:DisplayObject;

            for each ( tw in this.getChildren() )


                if ( getQualifiedClassName(tw) == "mx.containers::TitleWindow" )









        // function to enter text into text area in other TitleWindow

        private function textChanged(te:TextEvent):void


            // find the controls

            var titleWin:TitleWindow = this.getChildByName("newWin1") as TitleWindow;

            var textArea:TextArea = titleWin.getChildByName("newTextArea") as TextArea;


            // append text

            textArea.text += te.text;        





    <mx:Panel title="Main Application">


        <mx:Button label="Open New Window" click="openWin1()">



        <mx:Button label="Close Windows" click="closeWins()">






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