Resize Flash Movie With Actionscript Based Animation

I want to scale a 728 by 90 Flash movie to 600 by 75, but since the animation is generated through ActionScript all the parameters offered by Flash crop the resized movie.

Is there a way to embed the full movie into a web page and have it be scale to the desired size above?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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DrakkonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at a tool called Swffit - it resizes movies based on screen dimesions or a div size. Works great in scaling content.

Also (if you are using AS2 - similar commands in AS3) check out fscommand allowScale
This along with using Stage.scaleMode="exactFit" can possibly allow you what you want to do
Hello jsuissa,

What if you just change the dimensions in your html embed code.

jsuissaAuthor Commented:
This solution was exactly the refernece we needed to solve a complex Flash resizing issue.
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