MySQL dump does not dump data

When using the mysql dump, the resulting sql files do not contain any of the data.  The database itself is at least 15MB, but the dump files are 4kb.  Is there an easy way to dump the ENTIRE thing?

Larger question: are there any recommendations for MySQL backup to Amazon S3?
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theGhost_k8Connect With a Mentor Database ConsultantCommented:
use a shell script with a mysqldump command and put that in cron.
You also may zip the data if its consuming too much space.
You also may use rsync / sftp to move it to other backup machine.

Enter following line in:

mysqldump -uROOT -pPASSWORD --databases DATABASE-NAME(S) > DB-DUMP_`date +%d_%m_%y`
gzip DB-DUMP_`date +%d_%m_%y`

Sounds like you only dumps the structure and not the data?!

Try using phpmyadmin and dump structure and data
ti57Author Commented:
Need an automated solution
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ok, well phpmyadmin sqlcode goes like this:

-- Struktur-dump for tabellen `qsd_user`

CREATE TABLE `qsd_user` (
  `UserID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `UserName` text NOT NULL,
  UNIQUE KEY `UserID` (`UserID`)

-- Data dump for tabellen `qsd_user`

INSERT INTO `qsd_user` (`UserID`, `UserUser`) VALUES (1, 'Smith');
INSERT INTO `qsd_user` (`UserID`, `UserUser`) VALUES (2, 'Walter');
INSERT INTO `qsd_user` (`UserID`, `UserUser`) VALUES (3, 'John');

so it seems like you need to select * from table_name and then parse INSERT lines in you dumpfile
The UserUser in the INSERT lines is ofcourse UserName instead
ti57Author Commented:
Looking for a scriptable mysql dump solution...not sure what to do with myphpadmin code above...
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