can not see SBS 2003 located behind belkin router from internet

I have installed a windows small business server 2003 on a private network behind a wireless belkin router. When i insert my  wan ip in browser i get the router interface , which I can also reach on from inside -
What I want to do is point my doamain to  my wan IP and then reach sbs 2003 server "company website" and also remote ww
I have tried numerous different setups I have found on google, but must give up-
I have also tried without luck to setup a virtual server/port forwarding.
I have no clue if its a problem in:
1 sbs 2003
2 network setup
3 router
Please help!
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larsdk2Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I resolved it by crating a DNS
but thanks for tips
so you are trying to use a 2003 SBS as a webserver?  You will need to install IIS on the server, then assign the server a static IP address, then setup a port forward through the router to the server IP and IIS Port you are using.
Your comments

When i insert my  wan ip in browser i get the router interface ,

> are you trying outside of your network ??
if yes, that mean, port 80 in your belkin router is set to it self thats why you seeing blken route page when you type


only options is : to set portforward 80 to your sbs server Ip , have you done this ??( i know you said you have done, ) but still to make sure

What happens when you enter the ip address on another computer in your lan?  If it goes to the router setup then it's a router configuration issue.  Are you using https?  There's a setting in some routers to use https for remote configuration that you might have to turn off.
Brian HarringtonIT ManagerCommented:
Are you sure the forwards are enabled?  Further as far as I am aware belkins router products weren't designed for smb applications. I would suggest linksys rv042 or rv082.  Much better mgmt interface.
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