silently install Flash Player and disable auto updates

I need the syntax to silenty install flash player and to disable auto updates.
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Ludger PetersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
found something here
you could create a script that would copy over the file once the installation is complete

also there seems to be more information over here
Ludger PetersCommented:
read up here

SET MSIArgs=/qn /norestart REBOOT=ReallySuppress
MSIEXEC.EXE /I install_flash_player_active_x.msi %MSIArgs% /l install_flash_ie.log
MSIEXEC.EXE /I install_flash_player_plugin.msi   %MSIArgs% /l install_flash.log


i had a good look around to disable updates but did not see, i will post a update if i find something
gopher_49Author Commented:
works perfect!  Already deployed and tested it.

Ludger PetersCommented:
finaly got the right information from there admin guide, tis a PDF and can be found here:
it tells you exactly what you need

im not the best at doing this but here is a attempt to create the bat file.
you will just need to edit the name of the installer flash_player_installer_name.exe to what ever the name is called
i hope it works.
the batch file is in the code Snippet

the following must be in the mms.cfg file

AutoUpdateDisable = 0

flash_player_installer_name.exe /s
COPY mms.cfg C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash /y

Open in new window

Ludger PetersCommented:
sorry took my time with that last post ^_^
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