English dictionary in pdf format

The request is to come up with the most english dictionaries available in pdf format; which is very rare.  I require pdf, not ebook; it's not the same.

Requirements: Besides being English, must contain at least 35000 definitions, but not more than 70000 definitions.   It can be pay or free, you just have to list all that you can find.  The one with the best list gets all the points.  Newer is better.

Best list haha, its hard enough to find one...in that case, the best 1 that everyone displays closest to requirements wins.
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moorhouselondonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Gutenberg I typed in "dictionary" and got a load of results, but that doesn't show on the link I posted.  Most were translation dictionaries, but there were a few listed there, such as Webster.
What are you requesting here? If you go to something like dictionary.com and copy every word. Then if you have Adobe Reader or something, you can just make a PDF file if you go to print in Wordpad.
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Why not just pdf this website? Iexplore allows you to download the entire site

ericoreAuthor Commented:
My request is as stated; a pdf dictionary.  That means a pdf file that is a dictionary that can therefore be put on any media.  Don't worry about the last part of my sentence; I am aware there are other formats etc of dictionaries that can be put on media.  Don't try to understand so much why, instead take it as a challenge.  As stated, dictionaries in pdf format are rare.  So far the best response has been provided by moorhouselondon, although he still didn't name any; albeit because he knows they are rare too and doesn't want to waste any time looking for them.  You cannot pdf most archive sites including but not limited to dictionary.com, wikipedia.org, and the link you provided GlennHarries; if you could I would be in heaven.
ericoreAuthor Commented:
if someone would like to elaborate on moorhouselondon, that is give me specific names, you might win...

I ask questions on expert exchange not so much for expertise than for saving time...hence my request.
This post has appeared in many places.

Modern dictionaries are not public domain.

That's why everyone keeps pointing to Project Gutenberg.

That's also why all of these same posts in other web sites come up with the same complaints:

I want it free...
I want it current/modern...
I won't tell you why I want it.

Think about the size of the research, editing, and proofreading staff required for   such a project.

It won't be handed out for free in a PDF file.

Calling deliberate theft of published material a "challenge" is beyond insulting.

Can we stop kicking this dead horse?
ericoreAuthor Commented:
Interesting partially correct analysis aleghart.  
Encyclopedias were not public domain either, but they are now.
Encyclpedias require research, editing,proof, reading etc.
To ask dictionary makers to give away their new dictionaries is understandably absurd.  Which is why I said newer is better and not new or I want a new one lol, truly entertaining your comments are.
The dictionary is the most important book in the world, of course there should be free editions, albeit somewhat older,  but I don't think its unreasonable to ask for non ancient legitimate free dictionaries.
You are also incorect in that this post has appeared in many places.
Most people want things free without warrant; these are the posts you are referring too.
Pdf, simply means "no strings attached".  For example, a software version has strings attached which need not be mentioned.  Fundamental information should be free and without any strings attached.  The dictionary has the most fundamental information.  You are overstated in saying that I am encouraging theft.  Nevertheless very interesting; nice try.  

ericoreAuthor Commented:
Your professionalism is appreciated...thx
It is a rather big and old dictionary, but still the only that did not flatly ignore my specifications.
ericoreAuthor Commented:
To add to the accepted solution, here is an important link for finding what I requested:


PDF does not equal "no strings attached".
Just makes it easier to steal.

Thus my point.  If you have a software dictionary, or access online...why do you need a PDF?

Answer1: re-distribution
Answer2: a copy/paste version of reverse-engineering
Answer3: a source for dictionary attack of passwords in an English-speaking target

So, what's the number one reason why you don't want "ancient" English dictionaries?

This isn't a "challenge", puzzle, or riddle.

Babbling about free access to the greatest book in the world is indulgent.

Here's word # 1 for your new dictionary:  smarmy

If only you had a PDF file to look it up....
ericoreAuthor Commented:
You are yet again incorrect aleghart.
Why would anyone want an ancient dictionary?
Exactly, they wouldn't...so neither do I.
It is not a puzzle or riddle, and that's why the admin had moved from those areas; you assume too much.
Which leaves to believe that you are very young because you rush to conclusions.
Because pdf can be as you say reversed engineered and you are correct in this, it therefore is without strings.  Something that is free, should be completely free e.g., should be able to edit.  A PDF is no harder to distribute than a software version e.g., oxford concise English dictionary 11th edition is 7MB which would be the size of a dictionary in PDF format; I know.  As stated, I don't want to rob the dictionary makers.  I just think it is their duty to make e.g., a 10 year old dictionary free.  Don't think that's unreasonable to ask; it doesn't put anyone out of a job.  As for you dictionary attack, the best dictionaries in the world already exist for that so if anything I would directly ask for that, but I can probably find it myself.  Think this paragraph through and not with a narrow mind and you will see that I have answered your question.
ericoreAuthor Commented:
I asked for a pdf version instead of a txt version because it would be easier to find and for that reason alone.
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