Outlook unread messages appear read

We have an Exchange server running on W2k3 and for the past few months one of our users has been reporting that when he recieves new emails they do not appear as unread, but are immediately marked as read.

He is using windows XP with Outlook 2003
He has no rules or filters running on his mailbox

How do i change it so that his emails will show up as unread?
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ictdoulosConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
after some extensive searching, i am convinced that the user is accessing his mail (perhaps without realising it) with a wireless PPC, i think this might have something to do with the problem, since it is intermittent. I will check and report back
In outlook goto the View Menu > Reading Pane and turn it off,
Sometimes the reading pane is situated at the right side of the screen and the users shift it more towards right making it completely invisible to us, but it is there, so select the inbox folder and turn off the reading pane.
Hope this helps.
ictdoulosAuthor Commented:
the problem happens to all emails, so even if he was not logged in and recieved 10 emails, the next time he logs in they would ALL appear as read
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Do you have installed any of those add ins?

       ICQExpress (COMAddin), installed as part of ICQ
       Business Contact Manager (BCM)
              Send to OneNote from Outlook PowerToy
              Outlook Backup Add-in       
       Sierra Wireless Outlook Integration - disable in the registry. It's listed        at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\SwiOutlookInt.Addin
       Timeslips add-in
       Attensa for Outlook. Check for upgrade: newer versions not affected.        
       Cisco Meetingplace plug-in
       MindJet Mind        Manager 6. Disable the add-in in the registry - the key is        Mindjet.Mm6OutlookLinker.AddIn.2
       Google desktop "search your own computer", specifically        because it searches the mail
       ScanSoft PDF Converter Outlook Addin
       Norton AntiSpam Outlook Plugin
       Norton Internet Security
       AIM Sync
       LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar
       Upshot        Outlook integration
       MS CRM 3.0 Outlook Add-in       
       Xobni - Upgrade to the newest        version of Xobni.
       RingCentral Add-in
       ABBYY PDF Addin
                               iTunes Outlook Addin
Maybe there are some rules as "mark as read"?
ictdoulosAuthor Commented:

He has no rules running on his mailbox, and i am currently accessing his email from my own computer, that has no addons installed, and he only uses company computers to access his email, and users cannot install software themselves, so i am fairly certain that there are no addons involved

Suppose you select an email and right click on it and select Mark as Unread does the icon change to unread one or it remains the same.
Also if you leave it as unread and restart outlook does it stay that way or change to read status.
ictdoulosAuthor Commented:
yes, if i mark them as unread the icon stays that way when i restart outlook
I would suggest that you try configuring this users outlook profile on some different pc and then check if it still remains the same, also check if the size of the users pst files. Also let me know if the default delivery is in mailbox or pst.
ictdoulosAuthor Commented:
The problem persists regardless of which computer is used, and his mail gets delivered to an exchange mailbox
If the problem occurs for this user regardless of the system used then this is more towards the exchange server side than in outlook client.
Check the below link w.r.t your exchange server mailbox rules and see if you can find something that is not present for other users.
I have Outlook 2007.  I'm experiencing the same problem however, it seems the new messages arriving in my inbox are actually "unread". The problem is they're not marked in bolder text to indicate the message is unread.  To verify just right-click on the message and check to see if the option to "Mark is Read" is on the menu list.  It could be an Outlook bug since the navigation pane on the left displays distinctions between bold and regular text on various folders.
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