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Sometimes I have an email that has a large image inline that I don't want to view at that time... how can I stop Thunderbird from continuing the download?  (i.e. I want to stop the download of that message and go on to another).
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sda100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Messages are made up of the "headers" and the "body".  The headers are the To:, From:, Subject: etc., including the hidden routing information.

Actually, come to think of it if you click on the message after you have the headers, it *will* download the body too.  There is no distinction between the text in the message body, so I think the answer is no, you can't have the text without downloading the attachments too.

Is there a web interface that you can use to view this message?  You won't have to download the attachment then.

There is no solution to this.  You must download all the messages that are incoming.  You cannot simply cancel one and move onto the next message.  If you want to stop the e-mail from downloading the images once you look at it, you can go under Tools>Options>Security.  Under the Security tab there is an option that should say something like Do Not Allow E-mail Photos from Displaying.  Uncheck that box, and whenever you open an e-mail, it will ask whether you want to display the images or not.  Good luck!
rmmarshAuthor Commented:
There is no Tools>Options>Security... are you sure we're talking about the same program? :D
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Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings : "Fetch Headers Only"?

Steve :)
rmmarshAuthor Commented:
Without making the changes, what does "fetching headers only" get me?  Just the subject, or body of the message as well?
well thats what it is in outlook express. i once had mozilla thunderbird and it was very similar.  check tools>preferences or something like that.
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