Cisco 2851 IPSec VPN tunnels issue

Hi, I have a dilema with configuring IPSec site-to-site vpn. I have five office loations and I can configure three tunnels on each router without any hitch. However, when I try to configure the fourth or fifth tunnel, a pop-up message shows to disable an existing tunnel to enable the fourth one.

At first, I thought this was due to some licensing issue. However, after checking with the Cisco reseller, they told me I can do up to 200 site to site IPSecs. I have three Cisco 2811's, one 2851 , and another 3845, all with base VPN modules.

I am lost... what should I do next?

Thank you.
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May be you have crossed IP's at tunnels?
mhanifkAuthor Commented:
Actually, that problem was resolved by creating static routes for each of the tunnels. Strangely, I have only one WAN interface, but the Cisco IOS couldn't route the tunnels using single routing default route from NAT to WAN.
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