Unable to connect to SQL server via PPTP VPN

I use an application which connects to a SQL server hosted on a Windows 2000 box which is also a domain controller and VPN server.  When I am connected locally to the network with my Vista Business laptop, everything works normally.  When I connect to the network via VPN, I can map network drives hosted on the same server as the sql database, can ping the database server, but can't connect to the SQL server using the application, ODBC or Managent Studio.  I receive an error that basically reads:

"The server was not found or was not accessible"

I have searched Google etc but can't find any solutions.  The server is running on port 1433, I have added an exception to the Windows Firewall on the laptop for my application, and have tried connecting using both SQL and Windows integrated authentication.

I log onto the laptop using cached credentials, and the VPN authenticates against the domain.
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johnny_the_knifeAuthor Commented:
Problem remains unresolved.  Other solutions being examined.
have you enabled sql remote connections.

i think in sql 2000 its done through Network Utility.

or for 2005 its through surface area configuration.


johnny_the_knifeAuthor Commented:
Remote connections are enabled in that I can connect to the SQL server from hosts other than the server on the local network, just not via VPN.
johnny_the_knifeAuthor Commented:
I am now seeing a new error: Unable to create sspi context.
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