Shared Reply-to Address in Exchange 2003

How does one setup a reply-to address that will be shared between several people?  I have been asked to change the reply-to addresses for an entire department so they all have the same reply-to address (the departmental email address) but still maintain individual mailboxes.

I've attempted to make changes to the primary addresses using ADUC, but because the desired address already exists in our domain, I get denied.  Is there any way around this?
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mpathetiqConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Definitely makes sense.  In fact it makes so much sense that we already have this set up using a dummy account, as you call it!  Unfortunately, the department head wants the process to be automatic and not dependent on his employees interaction at all.

I'm thinking of making the department dummy account the primary account in the employees' Outlook profiles with their individual mailboxes as a secondary account.  Then all email would appear to come from the department, but the employees could choose to change that to their individual reply-to addresses if need be.
Gladys KernsCommented:
There are a few ways I can conceive that this might work.  The first one that comes to mind is this:

*  You could setup a mail-enabled public folder to receive mail at a general mailbox address.  Then based on the permissions you assign that folder could be accessible from whichever users or user groups you assign to it and set as a "favorite" so that users can easily check their own inbox and the shared inbox at the same time.

Instead of a public folder this could also be done with a "dummy" user account just by granting access to that user to whomever you wanted in the organization.

*  Then for sending mail - you would need to give users send-as permission - enable the "from" field on their Outlook configurations connected to Exchange - and then have them send mail from the general address whenever they want a reply to that address.... *or*  have them manually do the "send replies to..." option on any given message that needs to have that but that they would want to come from their individual address.

Make sense?
Gladys KernsCommented:
I think you could probably do that... have more than one user accessing the same account with Outlook and Exchange setup.  My only concern then is that Exchange isn't really designed for a multitude of users to access the same mailbox at the same time all the time.  I know it physically allows this but I've never done it on a larger than 2 or 3 person scale - maybe someone else on EE has.  I would expect some peculiar behavior.
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mpathetiqAuthor Commented:
This department is only 5 people and they've been sharing the departmental mailbox since before I got here 4 years ago, so I don't think that would be an issue.
Gladys KernsCommented:
ah... right on.  I had an invalid impression from your message that you were possibly talking about at least 10's if not 100's or 1000's.

Good luck with unreasonable executives!  :)
mpathetiqAuthor Commented:
Unreasonable executives is EXACTLY correct.  Ahh well, job security.
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