SBS Exchange 2003 can not telnet smtp 25

I have a exchange SBS 2003 & My smtp is not work I can not telent form the server,
When i telnet the Server ip The curser blink no benner come & wen i type any thing to the blinking curser it disappear,I have check the smtp & all exchange service all working fine,
No message on event viewer

Pl. Guide me on this
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saroraptcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am using the Mcafee v8 . & temp i have disable the mcafee & i am using the smtp connector is that can create the problem

Ensure that the Port 25 is not blocked and your IP is not blacklisted.
saroraptcAuthor Commented:
I am running th telnet form the exchange server  
You might want to check some things:

1. Firewall software which may be blocking port 25 (remember that Outlook doesn't use port 25 to send/receive email to Exchange, so firewall software wont neccessarily block this communication)

2. AV software. I know for definate that McAfee V8 and above has 'access protection' rules which prevent telnet on port 25 (I think it blocks telnet on everything except port 23, to be honest). You have to physically stop the McAfee McShield service to get telnet to work again to non-standard ports
3.Are you using any forwarders? if yes disable them.
4. Any IPSEC filtering?
5. Any TCP/IP port restrictions?
6. Is SMTP virtual server up and running? What IP is it bound to?
7. If nothing works you might have to reinstall SMTP after following a MS Knowledge base article.
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