HP Windows Vista Home Pre Repair Issues

I have a previously opened question but closed it too soon. I'm still experiencing issues slightly. I will re-post all my old questions and a link to it if anyone needs to review it...Thanks for all your help...

I have a HP Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium installed on it. I'm not sure if SP1 was included on the laptop when it was purchased or if it was downloaded after the fact. I'm working on getting a Win Vista HP OEM so I can possibly run a repair. I believe in order to run a repair like you are able to run on XP it needs to be done as an upgrade and it will repair all the windows files. I ran a SFC and it came back with corrupted files and I also tried CHKDSK and it gave me no errors. I have the CBS log from SFC but its like 400 pages I cant filter thru it all quickly. I was wondering if anyone knew any ways to run a repair on Vista ? I did some research online regarding this issue and this is what im coming up with.  When I install any SW on the customers laptop it automatically fails, it wont let me install and just closes right away.

I was wondering if anyone has had success running a Vista repair as its different then a Windows XP repair. I'm looking to re-add all the Vista files and not use command prompt. I think if your reading this and familiar with the issue this will all make sense. I think my only way is to basically upgrade WIN Vista HOme Premium and it will reinstall all windows files and not delete my old files. When I would do it on XP I never had an issue and I would run the repair it would reinstall windows and I wouldn't lose any files. I know there is 2 ways to do the repair thru command prompt and also the basic reinstall..

Just curious if anyone could shed some light on this for me...Thanks for your time...

PS I have other copies of Vista but I don't specifically have home premium which I don't think these other copies will help my issue. I'm guessing I'll need Home premium....

EDIT : 'm unable to get an upgrade going. I have tried 2 different Vista Home dvd's and I cant find the SP1 on the windows updates in programs. This is confusing the hell out of me. I will uninstall several win updates in hope of it being able to allow my to run an upgrade. When i load into setup it tells me that the upgrade is basically disabled. The customer is gone so im not able to verify if this laptop was sold with SP1 or with out it ?

EDIT : I was unable to uninstall SP1, I'm at a standstill. I tried 2 different install dvds in hopes of being able to upgrade. there is no way possible I'm able to uninstall SP1. So I just put in The Vista Home Premium DVD and clicked to launch it and it enabled me to select the upgrade option. It gathered data for several minutes and now it is in process of copying Windows files. I will post results here. I hope like heck this works. Thanks

EDIT : upgrade has successfully completed it wants to run windows updates. I need to verify SFC and see what happens. I'm still unable to install Acronis True Image Home it is verified working on several other machines. It just tells me when i hit installer acronis true image has stopped working and it is looking for a solution to my problem. Then it give me the option to close program. I need to verify a few other programs and make sure they install. I'm also going to do a SFC and see what happens. After this I will re-post results in AM if you could check in every once in a while I'd appreciate it. I'm on East Coast time. Thanks....

Here's a link to the old question and answer from Lee Tutor. I thank him for all his help usually I don't close out questions until the issue is resolved I dont know why i did it so early this time. Thanks everyone for all your help...

I added a TAG to the old question : VistaRepair.HP

Thats the tag.. Thanks all

I'm going to try a few things but still having an issue installed a few things but others are installing. I may be a little better off then I was before. Thanks
Joel BudITAsked:
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scarsremainedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you trying to get Windows back to before Service Pack 1 because you are having problems?  Have you tried running System Restore to an earlier date? It sounds to me that Service Pack 1 came with the system.  When did he purchase the system? If it was anytime after December 08, it came with the system and wasn't downloaded.  The reason upgrade is disabled is because either windows can't find a complete OS on the system or you have a different version of what was installed on the system.  Your best bet is just to try to backup any important files and re install a fresh copy of windows vista.
Joel BudITAuthor Commented:
I cant run sys restore, this is a customers laptop and he is out of town. I have been unable to contact him. I cant lose any info. I was trying to run the repair and was unable to then I put the Vista dvd in the drive and ran a upgrade from that way. I didn't boot into windows setup. I put the DVD in the drive and let it upgrade that way. It appears I'm able to install SW and I am not having any issues currently. I have added several apps and it seems to operate properly. I check for virus,malware and spyware this guy has way to much apps on his machine. I have alot of applications but he smokes me away...Once I speak to him I'll know a little more. Thanks for all your help and time.
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