Windows Server 2008 very slow when brising folders

I have a Windows 2008 Standard Server SP1.  I copied 250+ GB of user data files over to a new share this weekend.  All appears to be going well with one exception.  When I click on the Users folder under the share it takes over 5 minutes to get all the user directories listed.  It lists about half of the directories and the the bar moves across the top pf the window and eventually I get the remaining directories.  Any idea why this is happening and how I can speed this up?  I have Indexing enabled.
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The Symantec AVs are known to cause issues with Windows Server 2008. Did you simply disable it, or fully uninstall it? It needs to be completely uninstalled in order to remove its hooks from the system.

Also, consider taking a look at TCP Checksum on the NIC card configuration, and toggle the settings for this feature (or disable it completely). This is also known to cause performance issues when browsing network shares.

Darius GhassemCommented:
Disable IPv6. What AV are you running? Enable TCP\IP over NetBios and the computer browser service on the 2008 server.
roger10372Author Commented:
I was running Symantec Corporate AV but have removed it becasue it was causing latency when trying to login and map drives.  I was on the phone with Dell software support for over an hour and they couldn't come up with a solution to the slow browsing.  They said I should turn off Indexing and when we did, access to the server slowed to a crawl.  Re-enabling fixed that issue.  

IPv6 was already unchecked.  I enabled NetBios over TCP/IP and entered in my WINS servers as well as enabled Computer Browser (was disabled).  No change.  I am rebooting the server tomorrow mornign and weill see what happens.
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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Matt had a good point disable TCP checksum and IP Offload there is a known issue with dell 2950 with these are set to enable. Also, just removing SEP doesn't always remove the entire install get them Cleanwipe tool from Symantec.
roger10372Author Commented:
I did use Cleanwipe from Symantec to clean the antivirus program off the server and all the browsing issues went away.  I have been told that the new Corporate Edition 10.2.2 has resolved the issues with 2008 Server and Corporate Editiona AV.  I'll test this weekend.

Thanks for the tip on TCP Checksum and IP Offload.  I'll investigare as I have multiple 2950 PowerEdge servers.
Glad that fixed it :-)
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