Form Window center at top of screen on end users

I have created a taskbar style application that will float at the top of end users desktops, what I want it to do is automatically center at the very top of the screen for all end users, since screen sizes and resoloution settings are practically different for all.
Andrew BassTechnical SupportAsked:
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cmrobertsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
set the start position to center in properties then set the = 1
have you tried the start position property of the form?
Andrew BassTechnical SupportAuthor Commented:
It doesnt appear to have an option for that specific position,  I was able to set it up on my own pc but i have a large widescreen high resoloution monitor so this is going to appear different on people with smaller monitors, and less resoloution
Andrew BassTechnical SupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks :)
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