CCNA Test: Function of ARP


1)This is related to the Sample at one of the CCNA's Prep Test
2)The information is as the followings:(Please see the attachment)
- A is a host Pc called " Pc A"
- B is a host Pc called "Pc B"
- SW#1 is a Switch called "SW#1"
- R#2 is a DSL Modem or Router called "R#2"
3) The Goal: a user at Pc A pings the R#2
4) At Pc A does the followings:
- Go to Command Prompt
- C:\arp -a
- The ouput exhibit:
* Interface: .......0x2
* Internet Address:
* Physical address: 00-60-0f-2e-14-C6
* Type: dynamic
5) My questions: please explain it with your own wordings: i) The "" is the IP address of Pc A?, ii) The "" is the IP address of R#2?, iii) The "00-60-0f-2e-14-C6" is the MAC address of what interface, R#2?, iv) Could you explain briefly (from the first up to the end) the process when pc A start to ping the R#2?
6) Thank you

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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented: is PCA's IP Address and is the router's ethernet interface  IP.

PCA sends an ARP broadcast request for which is flooded out every switch port.  The router receives the ARP request and replies with its MAC address.  PCA then adds the ARP entry (IP to MAC mapping) to its ARP table.  PCA can then communicate with without having to send further ARP requests until the entry ages out.
tjieAuthor Commented:
Please see the attachment
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