"Cannot make a visible Window modal"

Posted on 2009-04-13
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I get the above error when running the code shown below. TfrmAddUser is NOT in the auto-create list. Its relevant properties are set as follows:

Visible: False
Enabled: True
FormStyle: fsNormal
WindowState: wsNormal

I am using Delphi 2006. I checked the existing Question:

... but nothing there seemed to make it work either. Any ideas, anyone?
procedure TfrmUserRoles.mAddUser;
  loAddUser: TfrmAddUser;
  lsUserID: string;
  loAddUser := TfrmAddUser.Create(nil, lsUserID);
    if (loAddUser.ShowModal = mrOk) then
      tvUsers.Items.Add(tvUsers.TopItem, lsUserID);

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Question by:MartinC
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Expert Comment

ID: 24134223
Use this instead, and add the AddUser unit to whichever unit youre calling the dialog from

procedure TfrmUserRoles.mAddUser;
  lsUserID: string;
  if frmAddUser = nil then
    Application.CreateForm(TfrmAddUser, frmAddUser);

  if frmAddUser.ShowModal = mrOK then



Expert Comment

ID: 24134243
Oops, and frmAddUser := nil; after frmAddUser.Release, or you'll get access violations next time you call it.

Author Comment

ID: 24134333

Your method is an alternate way of calling a Modal form (and in fact one I have used before) but I was really hoping to find out why the code I wrote above - which conforms to methods used elsewhere in this app - might not work. The original code seems to be a reasonable way to do it - assign the created form to a local variable of type TfrmAddUser, and free it at the end after reading the returned lsUserID - but the error I get stymies me.
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Accepted Solution

LucEngelen earned 60 total points
ID: 24134386
I dont know what your create constructor is doing, since you havent included it in your sample code.

Are you setting form.visible := true in there?  If so that is the reason for the issue.

You cannot call ShowModal once a window has had its visible state changed to true.

You may want to test this by just calling ;
loAddUser := TfrmAddUser.Create(nil);


Author Comment

ID: 24134449
And I wish I HAD included the constructor because then you would no doubt have spotted instantly what I left out:

  inherited create(AOwner);

I just spotted it then myself before reading your last comment, but thanks - and points - for your help anyway.

Expert Comment

ID: 24134571
It happens ;)  Its happened to me so many times I made it a habit to write inherited Create and inherited Destroy as soon as the begin and ends are in place, even if I wasnt working on those functions at the time.


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