Having trouble with faxing after converting to H323

I have a mixed Cisco voice environment with mostly VOIP telephones, but some analog lines running through VG224 gateways. The analog lines are our residents (retirement community) and to give them the same features their telco gave them like caller ID and such, we had to convert our system from MGCP to H323, per Cisco. Since then, our faxing from the VG224's has been very inconsistant. Soemtimes they come through, sometimes they dont. Ive been on the phone with Cisco for 3 days now doing debugs and pulling logs but so far they have no resolution. Has anyone ever run into something like this? I can post logs if needed.
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bkepfordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For faxing you need to make sure the codec that is used is G711 with VAD disabled. H323 gateways have all the configuration on the gateway verses on the UC like a MGCP gateway would be.
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