How do i create this effect?

Sorry about the lack of descriptive title, but not honestly sure how to discribe it.

Anyway, given the background effect on this picture (and many more like it):

How do i do this? I'm talking about the white lines which cover a simple background colour.

I'm sure this is simple but i can't work it out.

Many thanks
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This is a wrong and very difficult answer.
Now, here is the real solution, and I am sure that is how they made it.
I created the tutorial myself, you should download it.
It is about 1 MB, here it is:

Follow it step-by-step, and I'm sure this is what you want.
  1.  draw triangle, the size you want  
  2. copy it  
  3. Ctrl+T  
  4. if the your triangle pointing down, move the center point to bottom center  
  5. hold down Shift and rotate  
  6. repeat this until you get the effect you want  
Type25Author Commented:
I've tried that but i don't get the desired result at all, i dare say it's me but all i get is a bunch of triangles on top of each other, starts to look like a giant star
Type25Author Commented:
That is awesome, exactly what i was looking for.

Completely deserved 500 points!
Or here another one, which has the texts in it to guide you through the tutorial:
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