I downloaded and installed Citrix xenserver.
I am trying to get a centos 5.3 guest working. I have installed it using a pxe kickstart and the "Install other media" template. It is up and running but I believe it is not paravirtualized. The disk device is listed as /dev/hda and it is performing at a 6th of the io rate that my centos 5.2 template is.  The 5.2 template has /dev/xvda as its root device. How move from the hda device to xda device in 5.3? I guess what im really asking is how to I paravirtualize a host that is not already paravirtualized. I have also installed the xen kernel in the 5.3 machine and still no luck.
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Kentrix70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out this link.
The example is based on Ubuntu, but


all the examples showing how to modify
the bootup parameters for the guest machine
is universal.

I have used this documentation to change a Linux Debian guest,
which was made from an image of an ordinary computer,
to a functional paravirtualized guest.
to paravirtualize a host you have to make it boot from a xen modified kernel and configure the vm file to have the kernel parameter pointing to that image.

post the configuration of the guest
sorry, there's a typo
>to paravirtualize a host
here, I'm referring to a guest, as in Xen dialect host is dom0 and guest is domU
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martin_2110Author Commented:
I am already running a xen kernel. Not sure what you mean by "configure the vm file to have the kernel parameter pointing to that image." What config are you looking for? This is citrix's xen server. I am not sure where they keep there cfg's
You have to modify the startup parameters.
You do that by running commands in the console of the Xenserver.
In that way Xen knows it is a guest that is Xen-aware.
You can even edit the grub configuration from the Xen console,
if you need to (the only way, if your guest won't boot).

But as Ai ja nai says, you really should post the configuration of your guest.

Then it would be much easier to help you.
martin_2110Author Commented:
Again to repeat my questions. Above What comands to I need to run and how do find the cofig.
martin_2110Author Commented:
Thank You! Just what I was looking for. I will let you know how it goes.
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