Dell Hard drive configuration issue

Hello Experts. I ordered a Dell server for a customer a while back. The server came pre configured with Windows 2003 standard. For some reason they partitioned the drives with a 12 gig C drive and a 200 gig D drive. The customer started installing Medical applications and SQL and has ran out of HD space on C. I cannot move the applications to D so is there an application out there that will let me resize the drives?
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dolomitiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
probably I have been to short!
By this way, yes; by diskpart you cannot enlarge (10%,20%,...) partition.
To enlarge C partition of a part and reduce D, you need 3rd party sw, as
Acronis, Paragon, ...
To avoid install these on the server, you need a standalone boot CD,
as BartPE, with one of these plugin.

Probably I am not sure, if you have not data on D, remove it, try to use DIskPart
to create a new partition, at the end of the disk,(cylinder,...) leaving an hole on harddisk;
this while OS is running.
Then, boot from CD, and  extend C.


1) remove D partition in Disk Management
2) boot from Windows CD
3) go in recovery console
4) run DiskPart, see inside help
5) select, step by step, Disk,Partition,Volume
6) reun subcommand EXTEND

that's all

joshrosenAuthor Commented:
So will everything on the D partition be lost?
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