it's possible in a sharepoint site to put a button to start a windows application?

Hi everybody, i'm a windows porgrammer and now i'll try to do something with the sharepoint, the first look is to be cumbersome, well, the first think i want to try is put a button to start a windows application.

I use (2008)

Any to idea to start.?
Wich documentation should begin to read?

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melli111Connect With a Mentor SharePoint Administrator / DeveloperCommented:
oops... it can be a .cmd or .bat file.... I didn't mean to throw you off by accidently referencing both in my previous message... either or should work fine.
melli111SharePoint Administrator / DeveloperCommented:
For this I use notepad to create a .cmd file.  You can upload the .bat file to a document library on your site, then put a hyperlink or button that acts as a hyperlink to that .bat file.  The only thing is the windows program needs to be in the same file location on each computer for it to work for everyone.
Also, at first you'll probably get an error saying that .bat files are not allowed by your site administrator.  You can change this in your Central Administration (just remove .bat from the list of denied file types)
limoneroAuthor Commented:
i'll try and them tell to you,
limoneroAuthor Commented:
thanks for everything, and sorry  for the delay in the points
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