Office 2007 douments will not print as landscape.

Just recently I have had a problem with a Windows XP SP3 machine not being able to print a landscape document as landscape. It would only print as portrait. The first time this happened I simply reinstalled the printer from the share on our server and the problem was resolved. About a week later its back with a vengeance.  

Its a Dell Latitude D830, Windows XP SP3, and Office 2007.  The problem started while trying to print a report from Access, however if I create a new Word document and make it landscape it will always print portrait. The orientation setting under printing preferences has zero effect.  I have tried deleting the printer and connecting it via a Standard TCP/IP port, Ive tried multiple updated drivers, and rebooted the printer and PC multiple times.  Nothing has any effect.

Printing to any other printer works fine. This is the only PC on the network having this issue. All other machines can print to the same printer in landscape normally.  We have multiple network printers including a Savin 8055, a Savin 9040, a Savin C5050 and various plotters and personal printers. The printer in question is the Savin C5050.

This is a very strange issue, hopefully someone has had similar experience.
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jlape1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Alright! Problem resolved.

I had to:
Delete the printer
Remove the driver from the Server Properties, Driver tab
Delete the folder indicated in previous step, in my case "C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3"
Then reinstall normally.

It is now working fine.

The problem you have is very complicated. the setting for a network printer can be handled by three different points. check the printer settings, check the page layout, and check the settings in Word.
jlape1Author Commented:
Ok. We have checked everything we can imagine. Are there more specific settings that you are referring to?

It seems to be a quirky driver issue (even though its the same driver as the rest of the PCs), doubtfully an issue with Word. Bare in mind that the same machine and the same document works fine on any other printer.
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You will need to uninstall all the printers on the pc and then clean the printer driver cache.

Open the Printers (Printers and Faxes on Windows XP) folder
delete all of the printers
click File, Server Properties
select the Drivers tab
for each entry: a. select the entry b. click Remove

jlape1Author Commented:

We have tried that already, with 3 different drivers.
You could try doing a repair of Office.

Start the Office Diagnostics tool.

Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Program Options.

In the Navigation Pane, click Resources.
Click Diagnose.
   Click Continue.
Click Start Diagnostics.

This will help eliminate any bad files in the office install from the list.

jlape1Author Commented:
I'll try that however, the issue persists if I'm printing from notepad as well.

Also, I logged in with domain admin creds, installed the Savin c5050 and it worked fine. So I've narrowed it down to printer driver issue for just one user.
Glad you got it fixed.
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