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City of Heroes cheats, bots, hacks, secrets, programs

What is the trick to power leveling?
What do the powering team do to power level lower level character so fast?
Is there any cheats, bots, hacks, secrets, and programs for City of heroes?
4 Solutions
There may be something in the faqs here:

Power levelling in any MMO is simply a case of finding the fastest route to level, whether by killing lots of enemy npcs or by completing lots of quests. Power levellers work by playing almost non-stop, and have all levelled many characters to maximum level, so have plenty experience levelling, hence don't make many of the mistakes newer players do.

Cheats do not, as a rule, exist for MMOs.
Secrets, the only real 'secret' is changing your text colour. Type into chat "/bind enter beginchat <color #xxxxxx><bgcolor #xxxxxx><bordercolor #xxxxxx>", replace the "x"s with hex values. Putting two extra digits, each 0-9, will make that aspect of the text box transparent to that % transparent.
Hacks and bots make up the program category, and there are none for city of heroes. Quite simply, it isn't popular enough. Even for the biggest MMO, World of Warcraft, there are only a small handful of bots, few of which actually work, and an even smaller handful of real hacks (though countless fake ones).
The simplest way to Power Lvl in CoH or CoV is to find a team/player that is 5 lvls above you.  Then have them get a team together and they'll pull you through levels fast.

lately with I14 there have a been a lot of "AE farming" Which is basically Architech Entertainment missions that have been custom configured to be all bosses, AV's and custom bad guys.  Results vary, even the best person offereing a PL can be a crappy player and not get you where you want.

honestly, play the game, get on teams and play WITH people.  You'll be surprised how fast you level.  On hero side especially, get on Task Forces, there are lots every day that are usually whatever level you're playing.  The task forces give you good loot, good money and are a team event!

Played CoH/CoV for 3.5 years, have 2 accounts, and have 23 level 50's - most of which came by way of power leveling.

The trick is to have the right team setup, which requires at least 3 people.

You need a level 50 character that does lots of AoE damage AND is pretty self sufficient.  Typically this boils down to using a fire/kinetics controller or a fire or super strength tank (hero side anyway).  This character also will have a mission with lots of level 50+ mobs to kill.

The next character you'll need is any character that is level 46.  The level 46 will then sidekick the lowbie character, making the lowbie level 45, which is the lowest level a character can be and still get XP while on a team with a level 50.  A character level 47-50 can work as a sidekicker as well, but you'll get the most XP with a 46 doing the sidekicking.

The 3rd character you'll need is the lowbie to get PL'd :-).

Once you get the 3 man team put together, the level 50 will set the desired mission.  Next "pads" or "fillers" (the name varies depending what server you play on) will be invited to the team.  Pads/Fillers allow for more mobs(enemies) to spawn on the map.  The best amount to have on a PL team for a spawn is 6, as have 7 or 8 people on a team will spawn bosses which take longer to kill.  Anyway, the level 50 will invite 3 people to the team (i.e. the pads/fillers) and then go into the mission and jump all over the missiong spawning all the mob locations for a 6 man team.  Then the pads/fillers will be kicked from team, leaving only the original 3 characters on the team.  Then the 50 goes around and kills everything while the other two get large amounts of XP.  Then you do it all over again.

That is the basics of PL.  With that under your belt you should be able to figure out the rest.  As posted above, with the new Architech system in Issue 14, people are making their own farm missions, so having pads/fillers is probably no longer require, but I don't know, havn't played since Issue 13.

At any rate, the main reason to power level is to get several builds for PvP.  However, the devs of that game have no clue what they are doing with PvP, and most if not all of the hardcore PvPers have left that game to move on to something else.  I personally find it ammusing that one of the main selling points on the back of the CoV box was/is base raids, which were associated with the Cathedral of Pain Trial.  Several years later, and both are still not in the game.

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