why are "www.gtsa.net" and "gtsa.net" directing to different sites?

I'm trying to transfer my site. I've changed the domain names in the registar. Now when I type in "www.gtsa.net" I'm taken to the old site but when I type in "gtsa.net" I'm taken to the new site. How can I get it so that both will direct me to the new site? thanks
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I just looked up  your dns A records and they seem to be fine... I am not sure how long ago you made the change but maybe it could be a caching issue?

Also, the server that you are hosting on - if you are using windows and host headers, make sure that both www.gtsa.net and gtsa.net are added.

Is your www DNS entry pointing to the new hosting provider?
elliottbenzleAuthor Commented:
Just had to wait for things to propagate. thanks.
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