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XP PRO Security Privileges

I am using XP Pro SP2.
How do I reset my entire file system to "everyone"?

Howie Kay
Howie Kay
1 Solution
Open My Computer, selcet your C drive.
Click on File, Properties, Security.
Add Everyone and tick the Allow box for the access you want (e.g. Modify).
This will propagate to any subfolders that are set to inheret (which should be most, but not all).

To force propagation to all, on the Security tab go to Advanced, then tick 'Replace permission entries on all child objects'...
Warning.  This will replace all the seciruty perms, rather than just adding the Everyone entry, so it could be dangerous.
just be aware that you need to be an administrator to do this.
Can I ask why you would want to do this?
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Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
Hi Johnb6767,

The simple answer is one on my drives is a Windows home addition.  

I have a removable drive system with three active boot drives.  No one has access to this system except me.  I have a Linksys hardware firewall and the Norton security system.  I do not visit sites I do not trust with two of my boot drives.  The sites I do visit are my financial sites.  The thrid drive I do use to browse the internet.  But I am careful selecting the sites to browse.  All of my ports are closed. No messaging no nothing.
As far as certain malware email attacks,  I only open mail from people or companies I trust.
And I am aware of the infections by passby or just opening a bad site can infect a system.   I am aware of clickjacking and that a  clickable element in an iframe and from another domain can hide behind an element on the top of  the real page.  This can be done without Javascript.  It's a bad world, and we are being attaced by university students from China who are angry with the United States.  University students? University?  Students in groups "many groups, many students, many universities.  You think we had trouble form Russia Satelite countrys.  We haven't seen anything yet.

I do the best I can.  But this XP PRO security system is a big pain and mostly a waste of time.

I have had problems with PRO security and just wanted to double check the procedure for changing the security access to "everyone".   Since I dd not recieve any bad news, the system to change the security seems safe.

Thanks for your help,

Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
Hi Theras2000,

How so "dangerous"?  
I have a sata raid system which I use for application data storage.   My document library is on that drive.
I need to clear out the restrictive security from that one "document" folder and many sub folders so I can access my documents from my other two boot drives, one of which is Windows Home System.
I hope I can do this safely.   Do you think I can do this safely?
I thought I had done this already.
 I think what is happening is:  when I create a new folder  in the Documents folder on the RAID drives, using  the XP PRO drive, since I am the administrator, it sets the security to XP PRO Admin.  I could log in as "everyone".  But if the reset doesn't work,  I will be locked out of access from my XP PRO boot drive.   I would really like to get this fixed once and for all.  But I'm very concerned this could screw things but good.  
Microsoft's XP PRO File Security System is as bad as thier interenet security and they don't care to comment or fix it.  Microsoft has a one dimensional mind set,  in a multi-dimensional world. They can't see beyond the end of thier nose.  And, to their ignorance, they think thier customers are idiots.  They all must be Republicans.


In your case, pushing permissions through one documents folder should be fine.
The danger would be this: if you have a sub folder that usually has access for user Admin, Bob and Charlie, but the parent folder usually has access to just Admin and Bob, then when you add Everyone to the parent folder and push down permissions, all the subfolders will receive Admin, Bob and Everyone (with no mention of Charlie).  If, later on, you wanted to remove Everyone, then you have no way of knowing which folders Charlie used to be on.
So really this is only dangerous when you're trying to revert, but for your case you'll be fine.
Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAuthor Commented:
Thanks Theras200.

Will my XP PRO drive set the access privilege to XP ADMIIN when I create a new folder?  If I'm only changing one folder,  I can't log in as "Everyone" on my XP PRO drive.  So I will have to remember to reset the access privilege on the new folder to 'Everyone" when I create it with XP PRO.
Is this correct?

I'm not sure.  It's tricky becase you have 2 Windows installs (each with their own SAM) accessing the same files, but not being able see each others' user accounts.
Check the Properties of the folder and go to Security, Advanced, and tick the Inherit box.  Then it should just inherit the Everyone perm from the parent folder.  But obviously test this out yourself to know for sure.
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