How to write target="_blank" in xsl?

Posted on 2009-04-14
Last Modified: 2013-11-18

I have a listview which has an imagelink. It can direct to another page when I click the image. Now, I want the page to be shown in a popup window.

I read

and added target="_blank" to <a>

However, it cannot trigger the popup
<xsl:when test="type[. $eq$ 'imagelink']">

					<a target="_blank">

						<xsl:apply-templates select="imagelink/style" />

						<xsl:element name="xsl:attribute">

							<xsl:attribute name="name">href</xsl:attribute>

							<xsl:element name="xsl:value-of">

								<xsl:attribute name="select">

									../<xsl:value-of select="prop" />_link



							<xsl:attribute name="target">_blank</xsl:attribute>


						<img border="0">

							<xsl:apply-templates select="imagelink/image/style" />

							<xsl:element name="xsl:attribute">

								<xsl:attribute name="name">src</xsl:attribute>

								<xsl:element name="xsl:value-of" />


							<xsl:element name="xsl:attribute">

								<xsl:attribute name="name">Alt</xsl:attribute>

								<xsl:element name="xsl:value-of">

									<xsl:attribute name="select">

										../<xsl:value-of select="data/prop" />_Alt







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Question by:techques
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Accepted Solution

Geert Bormans earned 50 total points
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that is because the other attributes are not on the <a> element but on an <xsl:attribute> element,
which is very weird, I don't undersatnd why you have a <xsl:attribute> in your output.
That happens here:
<xsl:element name="xsl:attribute">
I assume you want
<xsl:element name="a">
but then I don't get what the <a target="_blank"> is doing at the start of your template

I recommend that you use your stylesheet do do a static transform in an IDE
and look at the result.
It will then become very clear why it doesn't work.

Or send in the full XML and XSLT

Author Comment

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As it needs to map the data from a table in DB in another xml and display in another xml file.

How should I change <xsl:element name="xsl:attribute"> to enable the target="_blank"?

//map to DB




		<id></id>				   <ActionProc>'../images/edit.gif'</ActionProc>


		<ActionProc_link>'Process.aspx?id=' + Convert(char(10),</ActionProc_link>


//Display on aspx
































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Expert Comment

by:Geert Bormans
Comment Utility
Are you generating an XSLT, you then use for generating the html?
I would assume you need to pipe two XSLT instead
So, I am lost here

<xsl:element> creates an element in the result tree
so creating an <xsl:attribute> element is only usefull when you need to construct an XSLT
I hardly ever had to go down that route, I assume you don't

I assume you just want to output an <a> element
<xsl:element name="a"> will do then
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Are you generating an XSLT, you then use for generating the html?
Yes, it uses ViewTemplateXSL to generate it

May I ask why I added <xsl:attribute name="target">_blank</xsl:attribute> still not work?
























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Expert Comment

by:Geert Bormans
Comment Utility
I don't understand the <div> thing you just added
I think you misunderstood my question about generating XSLT
The question really is: do you use XSLT to make a different XSLT?

Author Comment

Comment Utility
do you use XSLT to make a different XSLT? I don't think so. Let me explain:

1) In aspx, I import a module <%@ Register TagPrefix="OA" Namespace="OA.WebControl.ListView" Assembly = "OA.WebControl.ListView" %>

and then write the following code.

<OA:LISTVIEW id=idDefView runat="server" ControlBaseDirectory="../ListView" ViewDescriptor="desc_processmemo_list.xml" ViewDataMap="map_processmemo_list.xml" RowHref="#" RowHrefTarget="_self" RowsPerPage="5" Filter=""></OA:LISTVIEW>

Then the select result from DB will display.

The <div> code was that I view the source from browser which should be the html. It is irrelevant to the code.

As this part was not written by me. I just know how to use the ListView module to display DB data on aspx page.

The image shows that there is a Process in the last column which is an image. I just want that when I click it, it pop up a new window to display the aspx page.

I just need the pop up function.


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