Need to setup sa account

I am stuck there is no sa account. There is just the windows authentication.
How can I fix this?
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It's called Secure by Default. Access to the database is disabled except where you specifically allow it.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
you want to change from "windows authentication only" to "mixed authentication"...
check the sql server instance proprties for the configuration, and restart the instance.

the sa account shall always be there, but with "windows authentication only", you cannot use it.
note also that with sql 2005+, the sa account is LOCKED by default, so you might need to unlock it first
mathieu_cuprykAuthor Commented:
oh my, why so difficult?
mathieu_cuprykAuthor Commented:
Ok so I should search this one out and break my head into pieces.
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