My "NEW" PC is slow!

Hello guys,

I bought a new PC and it's so slow, Windows takes a lot of time to load, it's slower than my old one. I tried to check the FAN speed, the ram, and if there are any viruses and everything seems to be O.K. Most of the games give me a BSOD while playing.

Can anyone tell me what should I do now? Please help.
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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have your Power settings been set up correctly?
Windows when it was installed takes your power setup from the settings in your BIOS, and sometimes gets it wrong! Occasionally it will read you power setting as APM (Advanced Power Management) when in fact it should be ACPI (Advanced configuration Power Interface) To see how your system is set up do the following,
Start > Run > type "Devmgmt.msc" {Enter}
Expand the "System Devices" node
You will either see ACPI nodes or NT APM Legacy support
(NB you may need to click on View and "show hidden devices")
If you see ACPI nodes ensure they are running correctly and have no problems (double click them)
If you see NT APM Legacy Nodes, If they are disabled enable them, if they are enabled, disable them.
The above is only a temporary Fix!! You will need to ensure the power settings are correct in you BIOS, and possibly get the latest BIOS update from the motherboard manufacturer. After you have "flashed" the BIOS you will need to perform a "refresh" install of Windows XP.
Check the settings in "Power Management"
Start >Control Panel > Power Options, and ensure everything is set up properly.
Also Check all Your Hardware Devices are supported by XP
Is a program Keeping windows up and running?
Windows XP gives all running programs 20 seconds (by default) to close down, some older applications may need a bit of extra time, and you can make a registry change to allow for this.
Start > Run > type "regedit" {Enter}
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\control panel\desktop\
Locate the WaitToKillApp timeout value and double click it, it should be set to 20000  (don't panic this is in milliseconds = 20 seconds) put in a higher value and retest the system.)

Try these links for more Info

You May Not Be Able to Shut Down Your Windows XP Computer;EN-US;320008

Computer Does Not Shut Down Properly if Selective Suspend Is Enabled;EN-US;315664

Computer Hangs During Shutdown or Displays a "Cannot Find Enough Free Resources" Error Message;EN-US;314101

Your Computer May Not Shut Down After You Upgrade to Windows XP;EN-US;313290

Windows XP Stops Responding (Hangs) During Windows Shutdown;EN-US;307274

Computer Hangs if USB Selective Suspend Option of USB Mouse Is On;EN-US;317673

Your Computer May Stop Responding When You Shut Down and Use Only the 802.1x Protocol for User Authentication;EN-US;311787

Shutdown registry hack/fix (number 76)

johnnash1180Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the list of startup items and services.
Install a good antivirus application and scan the OS completely.
Check if there any root kit using HijackThis/RootkitRevealer.exe

And many other things are there to check. The important things are the above. Just check them out first.
A simple on line diagnostic test will give you suggestions.
you must turn off "popup blockers"  & allow active X install for scan to run.

Run the: Microsoft "FULL SERVICE SCAN"

Do you have an NVIDIA graphics card? (if not skip this section)
There is a problem with a service used by this graphics card, in particular the "Nvidia driver helper service"
Start >Run > type "services.msc" {Enter}
Look down the list of services to find the "Nvidia driver helper service" and double click it to view its properties, set the startup type to "disabled" and click OK.
Do You use Roxio CD Burning Software? (Particularly Version 5) It can conflict with Windows XP?s built in burning software (also roxio)
See for updates.
Have I missed anything?
Happy Computing!
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phototropicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't forget to check your startups.
Go into msconfig (start - run - msconfig) and click on the startup tab. Click on "disable all". Go into services. Check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box, and then click on "disable all". Reboot.  Any change?
If the problem goes away, you will need to go back into msconfig and re-enable startups and services individually until you find the culprit.  Start by re-enabling your av/firewall software...

check for minidumps, post a couple here - rename them to ***.txt first
find them in C:\windows\minidumps
Or return it if you just bought .... you should not fix anything with new PC ...
Hi AlexieS,

I agree with PUNKY, If it's a brand new computer you shouldn't have to fix anything. However unless you bought an older computer and the computer just isn't that fast.
What operating system are you running?
Do you know the PC Specs?
Go to Start Control Panel System to find out and list them here for us.

You may have just bought an underpowered "cheap" PC running Windows Vista and this is the problem.
any feedback ?
AlexieSAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the delay in the feedback, please take a look at "tags" for my PC specs. However, I was trying what u suggested, update the VGA driver, checked the viruses, spam, Trojan, temporary internet files, registry, check the device manager and all the drivers are OK.. Should I go with a fresh copy of Windows? could this be happening because I have a "Satellite card" installed at the machine, I use the PC as TV also, but I don't know if this has anything with BSOD's I get when playing games, (GTA IV, FALL OUT 3, Left For Dead), is there anything wrong with these games? Thank you for your help
why don't you post minidumps ?
AlexieSAuthor Commented:
Sorry  for that, I will post them tonight.
Did you try this on line diagnostic test
 a "Satellite card" installed on the machine could be hogging resources
Open task manager: whats CPU Usage & PF Usage
Really, this is a good diagnostic test to start with.
You don't mention which AntiVirus software is loaded on your machine. In my experience, products like Symantec AntiVirus, McAfee, Kapersky can all slow your machine down considerably. I would identify the AV product and uninstall it to see if that doesn't make things faster.
You wil need to turn off any popup blocker & allow it to install "active x"
It will also benchmark compare your PC to similar PC's
Tags:Q6600 2.4MHz, 8mb cache, 4G.B. Ram, MXI9600GT 1 GB Nvidia, 500G.B hard disk, Windows XP
AntiVirus, McAfee, Kapersky can all slow your machine down considerably.
I agree, but not on: 2.4MHz, 8mb cache, 4G.B. Ram, MXI9600GT 1 GB Nvidia, 500G.B hard disk, Windows XP
Thats 2.4GHz ... right
run memtest to make sure that the ram does not have a problem.

How to read the small memory dump files that Windows creates for debugging
AlexieSAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry for the delay, due to work pressure I wasn't able to post. I will try my best to send the information requested tonight.
AlexieSAuthor Commented:
I'm back again, so sorry work pressure. However, I've check the minidump folder and it's empty! am I doing something wrong? C:\WINDOWS\Minidump

maybe your system is set not to make them.
go to device manager>advanced tab>restart settings and check if it is set to make dumps
AlexieSAuthor Commented:
The settings are checked, but can't find anything in the C:\WINDOWS\Minidump.
now you must wait for 1 BSOD to happen...
check your game specs as your computer may not be able to handle them.
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