Cisco Routing problem in stack cisco 4x3750 and d-links... with vlans, pvlans

I have cisco 3750 x 4 in stack plus one d-link 3627 on trunk and one d-link 3627 on link.
When I do vlans on one switch cisco 3750 and connected with d-link 3627 on trunk everything work ok.... vlans and pvlan. But in stack routing work only to SVI. Only Vlan 1 has communication.
In the stack  is only one vlan 100 which communicates only to SVI's. I give files with commands like sh ip int, sh vl ......
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anuketConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
everything ok !!! some bad setting from dhcp.
anuketAuthor Commented:
routing from computers works only to SVI (pings) routing on stack from console (cmd) work fine I think
anuketAuthor Commented:
i do vlan 120 the same like 100 and communication between vlans works (pings between computers work if computer is not in vlan 1 --> problem is with vlan 1 !!!)
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