a few errors on our citrix servers

since last two days our web interface servers stop displaying published applications. users are getting the login page. once they login it sometimes says an internal error has occured contact your admin. i restarted the web interface servers and the problem was fixed. today i had a different issue, users got the login page but when they login they get a blank page. no applications. i have 4 servers listedin the WI. again i restarted the servers, it started working again. the backend servers were hanging for some reason. the errors i can see on my web interface servers are

An exception occured while reading from the socket CitrixPooledSocket(567:Key(

on the backend servers( PS servers)

no errors except scom unable to monitor some paramentrs.

two days two different problems and WI was down. restart solved the issue but i need to investigate, as it should not happen again

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Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
You should verify that your Citrix servers that are responding to the WI requests are all fully funtional. Also you may want to run a DSCHECK on your datastore as well as refresh the LHC on each server. Since they are getting the Wi login WI is doing it's job, but the issue is coming from the datastore or a citrix server answering the application requests.
mgmohiuddinAuthor Commented:
thanks , one of the citrix servers the WI was pointing was hanging and the WI was not moning on to the next server in the list, and hence the hang. i removed the server and added a different server and now it seems to be ok. thanks for your reply
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