Exchange 2003

I have been requested for the following, is this possible?

1.       Create e-mail  so that they can sign up for training at w/o giving their real e-mails

2.       Keep them hidden from GAL personnel

3.       Keep GAL personnel hidden from them

4.       Make it easy for them to retrieve the e-mail&i.e. web mail?
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pfeinberConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This dis not work. What I had to do was create a new OU, add the users to that OU, then Modify the Attribute msExchQueryBaseDN, with ADSI  edit to include the proper value, Once I did this I was able to log on to OWA with test users and receive and send emails. They could not see that GAL, the GAL could not see them, anf they could not see each other
Brian HarringtonIT ManagerCommented:
Can you clarify a little more, is this for a current user on the domain?  I
pfeinberAuthor Commented:
No this is for a new user creation
Brian HarringtonIT ManagerCommented:
You could do the following:
Set up an exchange contact
SMTP to user@domain.local
Then in your global address list, don't share the contacts.
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