how to build GNU Classpath and JamVM

I'm trying to build GNU Classpath 0.98 and JamVM 1.5.2. Following the JamVM readme, I did 'configure; make; make install' on the jamVM, and it worked.

However, I need a java compiler (ecj) which is in .jar format itself. I can't run it without a working JVM (which I'm currently building).

I use slax and it doesn't provide a binary package for ecj. What should I do?
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No, i realise you could get dependency problems, but i don't think it should depend on any windowing environment. These are the deps on my system:
goose@hpbrio:/tmp$ debfoster -d ecj-bootstrap
Package ecj-bootstrap depends on:
  ecj-bootstrap-gcj fastjar gcc-4.1-base gcj-4.1-base gij-4.1 java-common
  java-gcj-compat libasound2 libc6 libgcc1 libgcj-bc libgcj-common libgcj7-0
  libgcj7-jar tzdata zlib1g

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>>I use slax and it doesn't provide a binary package for ecj. What should I do?

I didn't know slax used packages - thought it was tarballs. You could get a deb or rpm and unpack it maybe?
MicheleMarconAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, it's not so easy. ecj depends on, basically, a JRE, GTK, Cairo and a lot of stuff. Downloading and unpacking everything will most probably lead to system corruption.
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MicheleMarconAuthor Commented:
I've tryed unpacking rpm and deb for a lot of distribution. I managed to run gij but gij didn't run ecj.

So no luck with deb and rpm.

I even found the .tgz files for jamvm and gnu classpath. But even then, they don't work! There was a symlink wrong, I adjusted it but still don't work...

What is the script meant to do that you got? What *did* it do?
MicheleMarconAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I don't understand. Which "script" are you talking about? I've taken a few routes for my solution:

a) I used JDK for building classpath. JDK can't find VMStackTrace classes (classpath classes)
b) I run ecj.jar with script ecj-bootstrap and other, still using JDK. Didn't work.
c) I downloaded the source of gcj, only to find that I need to rebuild gcc (can't do that, too long to explain)
d) I downloaded and installed debs and rpms of gcj, ecj. I managed to run gij which in turn should run ecj-bootstrap. I only get "Aborted" as output.
e) I downloaded binaries classpath-0.98-1.pkg.tar.gz and jamvm-1.5.1.tgz. Guess what? They still didn't work. I tryed to link this classpath with my own built jamvm but still didn't work.

Switching to other JVM won't help, as the problem is building classpath. I think I'll try to download the oldest classpath available, and hope that it builds with JDK. If it works, I'll use it to build newer classpaths...

Other suggestion?
MicheleMarconAuthor Commented:
Found it! Look at this forum thread:
>>Which "script" are you talking about?

I meant 'script ecj-bootstrap' actually. Glad you got it fixed ;-)

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